Blogger Closet Sale at Antwerp Fashion Night + Feather Boa

Yo babes! Like you've probably read on alllllll the blogs already, we hosted a blogger closet sale during Antwerp Fashion Night last Friday! My back was aching at the end of the evening, but  we had a BLAST. I met lots of my lovely readers, joked around with my fellow bloggers and snacked on the sponsored treats: Patty Cake cupcakes and Tao energy drinks!

I'll just show you some pictures of us goofing around and then we'll move on to my outfit :-D

me and the girls on our floor: Kim, Sabina, moi, Krizia, Kim and my sis Naomi

The christmas lights I brought to liven up our stand. NEVER ENOUGH CHRISTMAS


My stand and Steffi browsing

Sarah in the stunning faux fur bomber jacket she bought from Sabina

Full house over at an excited Elien's stand

goofing around

Ibe's AMAZING DIY Frida Kahlo jacket

Ruby, Kim, Laurein and Nikki dropping by

AD FUNDUM'ing a cupcake

Eating pizza on the floor like real New York fauxhemians

AND now for the outfit:

sweater: La Petite Marmoset - leggings: H&M - scarf: Zara - sneakers: Nike - bracelet: Village Gallery Design - watch: c/o Swatch

I went for a sort of fitness-glamorous look here. Wasn't sure about it at first, but it totally works in my opinion. Then again, ANYTHING works if it's paired with this amazing feather boa. You can see my DIY highlights in these pictures. Pretty much in love with them.

The closet sale was GREAT, I made some money and I'm happy that my old treasures have found new lovers. I brought some new items home as well, since me and the bloggers on my floor ended up just swapping the clothes that didn't sell. FREE STUFFZ! You try and resist that. 

Fave moment of the day: one of my readers, Nele, had seen me post about knit hats with earflaps and brought me one as a gift! INSANELY sweet, no? I can't wait to wear it, such a lovely hat! Nele didn't want to be posted on the blog, so I cut her out of the picture :(

And this post is more than long enough, so I'm stopping here. KBYE!


  1. Zag er gezellig uit zo te zien :)

  2. This looks like SO much fun. I so want to do something like this someday, if I ever find and make enough blogger friends in my area.
    Ah, the fitness glamour look works... on you. Seriously, you pull off things that nobody else could.

  3. I wouldn't have made if it wasn't for you two. Best company evah!

  4. "fitness glamorous"... i can't even
    haha you're so silly and you work this look so well. i would look like a fool.

    what a fun event! i need to reach out and find out about the seattle blogging people. :)

  5. hahaha I AM silly. Foolish is a good look on me.

  6. Oh het ziet er zo tof uit! Als ik in het land was, was ik zeker ook afgekomen!

  7. Zo spijtig dat ik niet kon komen :( zag er zalig uit!

  8. Hahaha fitness glamorous :D it works! It was fuuunnn I want to do this every week! :)

  9. HEEL leuke review :) ik vond het echt leuk om je eens te zien! En fab sneakers, comfort boven alles he :)

  10. Haha ik zie er echt als een reus uit op die eerste foto :D je muts is echt super mooi en het was KEILEUK. En ik vond je outfit ook heel leuk. Die oranje boa is gewoon BAWS bij alles.

  11. Haha, ooh, zo tof dat ik ertussen sta! Wat een leuke foto, zie mij grijnzen in m'n nieuwe bontjas, haha. Leuukk! Ik vond het echt een heel tof initiatief, en ook fijn om jullie allemaal (nog) eens te zien. Ben er overigens ook zeker van dat de items die ik mee naar huis heb genomen veel gedragen zullen worden.
    Goed gedaan, Annebeth, echt een supergezellig event én je zag er ook heel leuk uit, met prachtig haar. Oja, en die cupcakes kon ik ook wel smaken ;).

  12. nee joh je staat gewoon meer naarvoor :D dankjewel! ikv ond het ook heel leuk!

  13. dankjewel! jij was zoals gewoonlijk ook weer prachtig stijlvol! ik heb de grijze bontjas uiteindelijk meegepikt en ik heb em al superveel aangehad :D

  14. wat een leuke foto , ik was er ook bij en vond het echt een super initiatief !

  15. You have a nice rear in leggings.