Halloween Party 2012

I just got back from a haunted tour sort of deal for Halloween (it was lame and my butt hurts from all the walking), so it only seems fitting I'll finally share all the stuff that happened last Sunday during my Halloween party. Sit back and enjoy!

my sister, Eline and me aka Marceline, Cruella and Nina.

Me and the boyf. We spray painted his hair silver but it just came out the same as his natural haircolor, albeit a bit more shiny.

The awesome (and very yummy) pastry we got at our local bakery. Those ghosts where filled with white chocolate mousse, mmmmmmmmmm

the gross slimy insides of my sister's pumpkin

Queen of the damned Sabina carving a pumpkin

Ghostly potato chips.

My pumpkin! A witch on a broomstick.

Me, Aurelie (glam pirate) and Camille (cat burgler/catwoman)

The food: spiderweb pizza for my vegetarian friend Camille and a worm sandwich (cut up hotdogs slathered in ketchup) for the rest of us carnivores. The spiderwebs would have looked better if I had used less mozzarella, but that cheese is so goooooood. Also, I made pumpkin soup out of the pumpkin carvings and it was yummy, but I didn't take pictures because soup looks totes boring.

Another pretty Pirate, Brenda!

And then we took a walk in the graveyard, after which we all huddled together on the couch to watch a horror movie. We ended up going for The Woman In Black which was quite atmospheric, but sadly very cliché without any character development. Not a recommendation. But the party totally was! DO host Halloween parties for your best friends and act totally cheesy.

I hope your Halloween was as lovely as mine. Be sure to show me pictures of your costumes!


  1. I'm so happy I got to attend it, will remember it for a long time!
    Hope I can host my own party next year, in our new house!

  2. Jouw pompoen is zo goed gelukt! Het lijkt me een moeilijk en precies werkje. De outfit is ook weer super geslaagd, je kan direct solliciteren voor deel 2 van de film ;-)

  3. Awesooome! Die spookjes zie ik ook wel zitten ;)

  4. wauw ziet er awesome uit, vooral de foodies! good job!


  5. Jouw pompoen is echt super! Je hebt dat echt al meer gedaan he :D! En die spookjes zijn zo schattig!


  6. Great costume and it suits you perfectly. It's great to see young people honoring tradition. In my country we have a different holiday when we organize costume parties that are part of the tradition of chasing away evil spirits on Forgiveness Day. The photos are fun!

  7. Really nice photos and the costumes are soo cool! :)
    Have a nice day!


  8. zoo leuk die pizza met dat web! En echt vet kostuum!

  9. I had a party this weekend too! Yours looks really fun! I went as Jem (an 80's cartoon character). Super fun!

  10. that sounds cool as well! I love traditional holidays like Dia de los Muertos!