Leopard Booties Rock Chick

shirt: H&M men's department - skinnies: Lee - boots: New Look - earrings: Topshop - watch: ASOS

(excuse the annoying pigeon toed pose in the last pic, I was in between poses I guess)

These boots, oh my. I have been looking for a pair of comfortable yet elegant ankle boots to make a statement. I started out with something pistol boot-ish in mind, shapewise, and something Giuseppe Zanotti glitter boot-ish, statement wise. But where does one find something that awesome for a low price? I'm still dirt poor ya know. Ebay has some cool options, but I still wasn't a 100% convinced. BOY was I convinced when I spotted these leopard print pretties on the New Look website last Monday, marked down to 55€

They arrived this morning (ultra fast) and I couldn't wait to slip them on: perfect fit and even prettier in real life than online! They even inspired me to go for one of those simple, easy, casual rock-vibe outfits you so often see on bloggers. Not 100% my current style (mostly because of the styling with the early nineties hair and crucifix), but I really dig the menswear vibe here. I'm way into casual these days, as you might have noticed from my pinterest board. Cuffed trousers, casual yet funky shoes and an androgynous top. Annebeth going casual! Who'da thunk it? Before you know it, I will be going about my day in a hoodie, jeans and sneaks.

I am even wearing an actual DUDE's top! I wish I could wear my boyfriend's shirts but he is a lot broader in the shoulders than me, not flattering. And he only wears dark colors and black, UGH SO LAME BOYFRIEND. We share shoes though.


Do you see J/K as just kidding or as JOKE? I say joke, I like the word joke.


  1. cool look and cool bootiesss <3 I'm considering ordering some things from New Look too since I can never seem to find time to visit their stores, the thesis is consuminggg my lifeeeeee aarrhgg

  2. Staat je heel goed ze die blouse van je vriend, haha! Moet ik ook eens doen, mn vriend is echt zovele groter dan mij :p.

  3. This style of boot is my absolute FAVE right now... well, has been for the last 6 months or so. Excellent choice mah freunde

  4. Super leuke booties en heel goed gecombineerd met dat groen!

  5. Nice outfit and nice booties, maybe not your typical outfit but I still think it's very you!

  6. The booties and the shirt are to die for!

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  7. Nice booties miss, and pigeon toed poses are so obligatory sometimes :)

  8. Those leopard print booties are awesome! I really like this casual outfit. Very cool.