I Call This Look: Seventies Russian With a Hint of Pink

turtleneck, skirt, fur hat: Think Twice vintage - boots: Steve Madden - tights: H&M

SO sorry I haven't been updating regularly, babies, I have been crazy busy with blowing my nose, coughing my lungs out and interviewing Gaga fans for my master's thesis. But fear not, I am here once again to share an outfit with you all! The world is saved once more! Phew. See how lusciously perfect my hair is looking in these pictures? No, I don't have any tips to share, it just chose to be fierce that day. I'm not complaining. As you can see, I went for something slightly Russian but retro outfitwise, and I wore pink make up again. I still love my multi color eyeshadow palette to bitsssss.


I think the worst bit of me being sick is over now. A week of headache, running nose, coughing and feeling lousy altogether seems to have been enough. Yeay! Thumbs up! Party hats! High kicks! Pizza!

Back to work now. Ugh.


  1. Ik was ook ziek, echt ambetant! Blij dat je al beter bent. Russian look suits you :p

  2. Ahhh I LOVE that hat! The lipstick looks great on you too ;)

  3. Being sick is the absolute WORST, that sounds like no fun at all and I am glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. Love the 70s vibe to this look, I have such a soft spot for front button up skirts, so this one rocks! The pink makeup is lovely on you

  4. I like how the look below is a super colorful 60s vibe & this is a classy, casual 70s look. always love that big hat too! Cant wait to hear how this thesis turns out! glad to hear you're getting better.

  5. Like the headband a lot! And you actually look very Russian! ;-)

  6. Really cute skirt. I love the striped sweater you wore with it. Your makeup also looks really pretty! I'm glad you're feeling better!