Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Military jackets and cute, romantic floral/striped dresses seem to be a huge trend this fall if I can believe the store I work at. I don't know if this is what we are going to see on the street, but I do know I adore it. Tough + sweet is absolutely up my alley, so don't mind if I pounce on that shiz straight away!

jacket, dress, boots: pimkie
necklace, socks: h&m

This jacket has structure, but is made of a stretchy sweater fabric which makes it that much more comfortable. I hate wearing jackets because they are all so rigid and constricting, but this one is just perfect! I've had this dress for 3 years, but I still love it to death and wear it all the time. I guess that makes it one of my very favorite garments? Same for these boots: expect to see me wearing them all the time when the colder weather arrives. I bought them last year and they are still so perfect. Just proves that shoes don't have to be expensive to last you a long time!

Remember when I told you guys I was looking for the perfect shade of pale pink lipstick? I still haven't found it, but I mixed some of my foundation with my darker pink lippie to see if the color would even suit me, and I absolutely love it so I'm going to be searching even harder now!

As for my personal life: I could not be happier. My boyfriend has been the very sweetest thing to walk this planet for the past few weeks and I feel just as in love as I was when we first started dating. I wish I could just lay in his arms all day long and whisper sweet things in his ear.

THANKS for all the sweet comments and votes, people! You're such a lovely audience, we'd like to take you home with us, we'd love to take you home


  1. Fab (Four) quote at the end there!! :D

    Love this look Annebeth, great great combo. Hot boots too :)

    Back from the US now I need to do is.... NOTHING for the weekend but sleep.

    Have a great weekend x

  2. And... Yesterdays look was delightful!! You are so clever!! :D

  3. Love the combination of the dress & the jacket!!
    You are absolutely right, these jackets seem to be trendy right now. I just came back from shopping and I saw them in most of the stores I went.

    Which mascara do you use? You're lashes seem so long.

  4. Oh the jacket looks great with the dress! cute florals, chic admiral blazer and then the overknee socks and shoes, just perfect :)

  5. That's a pretty floral dress.. And I like the pale pink lipstick, gorgeous..

  6. lovely outfit!I love the mix of florals and navy

  7. you're so pretty dear! and i love the military blazer with the floral dress!


  8. great combo with your floral dres and military jacket.. :)

  9. Je laarsjes zijn zo leuk! En de kleurtjes van de lipstick en nagellak gaan echt mooi samen!

  10. paulien: met wat geluk kan je ze in de pimkie nog vinden, kosten nu nog 10 euro in de solden!

    bella; I use gemey maybelline volume express, it's my very favorite mascara! The brush is great and the product itself does not clump!

    Kim: sleeeeeeep is all I want right now too, my feet and back are KILLING me after another full day of standing upright and walking around. Not. Fun.

    everyone; thanks so much!!