Nanananananananah CATWOMAN

Luella Bartley did strike gold when she paired printed tees with floral skirts. That is a match made in heaven. I suddenly realized I never tried this look before because I didn’t really have the perfect skirt for it, but this one worked out fine! I’m off to work now, hope you enjoy your day and I promise to get back to your blogs  (and write more substantial stuff) when I have my free day!

 shirt, shoes: h&m
skirt: pimkie


  1. I like the outfit. I dislike the lack of accessories :[ I feel like those make the outfit!


  2. Aaaaah! dat rokje!!!! Wat een hebbeding! =D
    Leuk dat je er een grijs shirtje op aan hebt! Staat er verbazingwekkend mooi bij ^^


  3. love love the floral skirt dear, and i love how you paired it with that shirt! chic mos def! :))

  4. that is an amazing pairing!

  5. I love your Catwoman shirt! This outfit is so simple and playful!

  6. NICE skirt!!! :)

    Yet another great look Annebeth :D Love the T.

    I have been so busy I got up for work this morning, showered and dressed to be told it is Saturday!!! So thats a bit of a sorry for not being around much!! I do come look here everyday to see what the day has been like for you Annebeth and what fab outfit you have worn.

    Off to the US tomorrow for work (again). Have a great week. X

  7. yasmeen: I'm not big on accessories: other than my belts and the rings/watch combo I always have on, I don't really accessorize that often. I felt like this look could use more but I didn't have any ideas on what to add while still keeping it simple and not "forcing" it.

    thanks everyone!!

    Kim: you don't have to apologize, I know you're out there and I still love you! :D enjoy the US and I actually had to work today and missed my bus so I sort of know how you feel, but worse :D