Obsessively opposed to the typical

Only two days of work left! And right now, the temperature has dropped to 14° celsius. IT’S EFFING AUGUST PEOPLE
weathergods I hate u
I won’t be able to hold off the tights much longer. So this is me in socks, some cut off leggings. I cut them off as high as possible and sowed up the ankle hole, et voila: thigh high socks. They stay up pretty well and are very very warm! Now I’m off to work, laterz!

 dress, jacket: h&m
socks: DIY
shoes: new look


  1. Fab look, and follows your chictopia guide perfectly!! :D

    Do the socks stay up Annebeth when you cut them from tights? And any tips of some tights being better than others?

    I love the jacket too!! :D

  2. The colourful dress matches really lovely with grey. :)

    It's raining and only has 12°C here as well. Such a shame summer is slowly but surely vanishing.

  3. Love your whole outfit it's so cool!


  4. Super cute look darling! Love the dress with such socks!

  5. Jep, ik probeer ook zo lang mogelijk zomeroutfitjes te dragen maar laatst zijn de kniekousen en leren jasjes toch ook weer opgedoken! :-) Damn you, weather!

  6. Fabulous outfit! Love the thigh-highs!


  7. Kim; the thicker and longer the tights, the better! If you cut off the socks right below the "butt" part of your tights, you have some extra material that can fall down a big while still leaving you with enough length to have over knee socks. Thicker is also better because thinner tights stretch more and fall down more easily. No nylons, try to go for thick opaque tights and the more the material is like real socks, the better! wearing them inside out keeps them from rolling down too, I've been told.

    Thanks everyone! I'm glad you guys share my autumn pain :D