Smells like teen spirit

 dress, headband: H&M
shoes: Pimkie
belt: vintage

I decided to take my own transitional dressing advice and wear a floral headpiece with my autumn-appropriate plaid and lace up boots. The typical fall colors look so pretty in the afternoon lighting and they look great with my fading suntan. The dress is one of my very favorite pieces. It’s flannel, so very soft and warm, and I love the green plaid. I love how rich the green looks with the brown belt. It always strikes me that some of the very nicest color combinations are those we find in nature. Autumnal fashion always comes with reds, oranges, browns, greens and mustards and that is exactly what nature looks like in fall. These colors were meant to be worn together. The boots are some of my alltime favorites too. They have a super high heel, but the ball of the foot is cushioned and the heel is quite thick, so they are still incredibly comfortable for their height. And I love how perfect the slightly rounded but still pointy nose is and how the lace up part makes your ankles and feet look so dainty and elegant. They make my legs look so long!
The headband is the powder pink version of the red base headband I used for my flower crown DIY and I love how it looks with my fall look. I fully intend to wear it with a lot of my winter outfits, I imagine it looking stunning with my heavy, dark coats.
I’m going to try and use more of my transitional dressing advices in the next few weeks, as autumn really has begun here. Our temperatures reach a mere 17°celsius today, which is really not even slightly summery anymore. Oh well. I’ll just have to break out socks and tights again, and I don’t really mind that so much but I will miss bare legs and simpler dressing. Nothing really beats the sun warming the ground beneath your bare feet and you wearing nothing but a light sundress in some summery print. But there will always be next year!