Beauty: Korres volcanic mineral twist eyeshadow review

Beauty: Korres volcanic mineral twist eyeshadow review

I'm always on the lookout to discover cool new beauty stuff, and this Korres volcanic minerals twist eyeshadow is definitely new. I've never tried a twist-up eyeshadow pencil before, I'm still only taking my first steps in discovering mineral makeup, and this is my first experience with Korres. Korres is a pharmacist-approved brand that offers dermatologically and ophtamologically tested makeup products - perfect if you have sensitive eyes and/or skin. I received the twist eyeshadow in no. 33 Grijsbruin/greyish brown. Let's take a look!

Beauty: Korres volcanic mineral twist eyeshadow review

Of course, being a beauty buff, I'm superficial as hell and none of that hypoallergenic shiz matters one bit if the product ain't pretty. But that's no issue here. The pencil gives of a stunningly opaque, creamy swipe of metallic taupe eyeshadow. What's even better is that it does. not. budge. Seriously, I had to get right in there with an oil based makeup remover and do some serious rubbing to get everything off the back of my hand. Of course, your eyelids are more oily than your hands, which makes removal easier, but this product did not crease, smudge or fade at all during the day and looked just as good before I went to bed as when I had just put it on.

Of course, that also means that the Korres volcanic mineral twist eyeshadow is more like a cream eyeshadow than a traditional eyeshadow in that it doesn't allow for softer application. Blending isn't possible, so you have to use this one for more graphic looks, or for colour accents: mid lid, inner eye corner or on the lashline. I created a simple, two step, cool-toned ombre eyemakeup look by first applying the Korrest eyeshadow pencil in the outer corners + on the lower lashline, and then using Urban Decay Naked 2's Verve from the middle of the eyelid and inward.

cool-toned ombre makeup look

I think this look came together quite nicely (although my application could have been more flawless), and as I said: the pigmentation and wear of this product is superb. This is a very versatile product if you get past the fact that you can't really blend it out - it would work really well as an eyeshadow base, for example, or for a simple all-over-lid-colour makeup look if you find that one shade that works perfectly for you.

The Korres volcanic mineral twist eyeshadow is sold at Korres Brussels and pharmacies or can be ordered online at Pharmamarket, among others, where it is currently marked down to €12.76. It's available in a couple of different colours as you can see here.

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