COS Dress, Clarks Amulet Charm Flats

cat eye sunglasses leather jacket box bag
cat eye sunglasses COS dress clarks amulet charm flats
silver name necklace
clarks flats amulet charm patent pointy toe
layered brunette haircut
cat eye sunglasses leather jacket box bag

dress: COS - leather jacket, wicker box bag: Zara - Amulet Charm patent flats: c/o Clarks via - sunglasses: ASOS

Breaking out one of my favourite dresses again, this COS piece. I wore it a lot last summer and I'm looking forward to doing just that this season. The weather has been incredibly nice lately. I don't think I can remember a year where we'd enter july with two months of bare leg weather under our belts. Something I'm very thankful for! I was going for a sort of modern Audrey Hepburn vibe with the midi hemline and the flats, but I'm still not convinced about the combination. I usually pair longer skirts and dresses with sandals or heels. Oh well, doesn't hurt to try something new once in a while!

You know I'm always on the lookout for a good pair of comfortable yet chic and versatile pair of shoes, right? Well, one website I've found that is PERFECT if you're looking for a wide range options is I admit that I didn't discover them myself - they contacted me - but just take a quick look yourself and be convinced. A brand that I wanted to recommend especially is Clarks. One of those British brands that I had no prior experience with (apart from knowing they were famous for their Desert Boot), but I've seen them being recommended to people with difficult feet before. I ended up picking the Amulet Charm patent flats (marked down now btw), but here are some other pairs I contemplated getting.

clockwise starting at upper left: Romantic Moon - Moonlit Cool - Ornate Jewel - Hotel Image

All of these are marked down, and quite affordable for quality footwear. Do you guys have any idea which Belgian shops sell Clarks? I might have to pay them a visit in the upcoming sales.

Fluffy Pink Cardigan, Mint Nike Roshe Runs

fluffy pink cardigan nike roshe run mint
fluffy pink cardigan
fluffy pink cardigan name necklace
fluffy pink cardigan nike roshe run mint
fluffy pink cardigan diamanti per tutti ring zadig & voltaire watch
fluffy pink cardigan levis shorts
fluffy pink cardigan nike roshe run mint levis shorts

fluffy cardigan: c/o Noisy May via Sojeans (now marked down to just 33€!) - grey marl top: ASOS - denim shorts: vintage Levi's - sneakers: Nike Roshe Run - name necklace: Onecklace

I totally just included that second pic because my hair was looking rather glorious on this particular day.

Sartorially speaking, I used to wear cardigans ALL the time during my vintage days (check my 2010-2011 archives for some examples), but then I totally moved away from that aesthetic and felt like I looked too much like a sweet little librarian lady in my dresses and cardigans. I got rid of a lot of cardigans, and obviously here I am now, missing my cardigans (sorry for saying 'cardigan' so often). I've compensated by adding some blazers to my wardrobe, but sometimes you just want to be able to wrap yourself in something warm, soft and easy. Enter this Noisy May cardigan which is just totally perfectly fluffy and a beautiful shade of coral pink (way brighter than on the webshop). It's marked down to 33€ right now, so get it if ya like.

I'm just about ready for the new work week. Only a couple more weeks before my boyfriend and I are going on our first vacay EVER as a couple, so I'm ridiculously excited. We're going to the south of France for a week, taking our car so we can make little day trips when we're there. Are you going on a holiday this summer? Share your plans!

PS: this outtake totally shows how much elegance and flair I had during my highschool P.E. classes.

Crop Top, Midi Skirt, Clogs

white purse floral skirt orange clogs
crop top midi skirt clogs cat eye sunglasses
midi skirt clogs white pursecrop top midi skirt cat eye sunglasses
floral skirt white purse diamanti per tutti ring
cat eye sunglasses halter top
crop top midi skirt clogs cat eye sunglasses

cropped halter top, cat eye sunglasses: ASOS - floral midi skirt: vintage - orange clogs: H&M - purse: Emmy Wieleman - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti

Meet two of my new favourite garments: this skirt I picked up for 2€ at the monthly Think Twice vintage sale, and this black ribbed halter top that is currently being sold at 8.45€ a pop in different colours at ASOS. I love it so much that I've since ordered it in pink, and I might get it in mint, navy and/or white as well. I find halter tops very flattering and comfortable, and this top is especially great since the fabric and the seams make sure the garment maintains its shape rather than flaring around the waist area as crop tops often do. 

Btw, in case you're wondering what bra to wear with these tops, I have a couple of these soft layering bras from Forever21 that are comfortable as SHIT (well, I suspect they are more comfortable than shit) and I basically wear them every single day because they are cool and fun. They produce a very nice line underneath these halter tops since the straps are placed perfectly, more to the middle than with regular bras. The straps only peek out now and then, but not in a way that bothers me. Much more comfortable than strapless bras. Also, when it gets hot and you want to take off your top, you basically still have a crop top underneath: SCORE! They'll serve me well until I find a halter bra I like (and doesn't show too much underneath slinky jersey tops).

O'Neill Footwear Sessions

You might not know this about me, but apart from my huge big love for pop acts Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks and Robyn, I've also always been a bit of a rock chick. The first band I fell in love with at the age of 9 were the Beatles, and after that my tastes developed in all kinds of directions. One of those directions was stonerrock. I have quite some love for Monster Magnet, Queens of the Stone Age and the founding fathers of the genre: Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath is totally a completely underestimated band, yo. And Ozzy is more than that one dude that once bit off a bat's head. Btw did you know Ozzy only spiralled out of control after his best friend and bandmate Randy Rhoads died in a plane crash? So think again when you laugh at him!

ANYWAY, proof: me in (one of my) Monster Magnet shirts after their gig last year at the Lokerse Feesten.

Holla for leaving the top button of your denim undone because of too much festival food!

So, now that we've established that I'm cool, back to The Point: O'Neill (which was coincidentally the brand of the first swimsuit I remember buying with my mom) hosted a cool event last Saturday in its Antwerp shop combining two of my favourite things: shoes, and music. More specifically, a softer, singer songwriter vibe inspired by stonerrock, brought to you by Ian Clement.

Unfortunately, I was gone to London on a conference (I bet you're sick of me going on about that - NOT THAT MUCH HAPPENS TO ME OK) but if I'd been in Antwerp that day, I totally would have popped in. Free show! Free cd with any shoe purchase! That's the basic deal with all of these planned events, btw. Shop and get stuff for free. O'Neill has got one last gig coming up in Antwerp so if you missed this one and if you love funk-rap-pop-rock (think Red Hot Chili Peppers, whom I also love) do drop by for Chef'Special's show.

Oh, and I'd get these if I were you. Or one of O'Neill's amazing swimsuits, like this one.

Asymmetrical Pleated Skirt, Crop Top

crop top pleated skirt asymmetrical outfitpleated skirt watercolour chain purse
crop top pleated skirt asymmetrical outfit
crop top pleated skirt asymmetrical outfit
crop top pleated skirt asymmetrical outfit

top: ASOS - asymmetrical accordion pleated skirt: c/o OASAP - heels: Eram - purse: Pimkie

Sorry for the stank face in my last picture, my boyfriend and I just wanted to get it over with while we were taking these pictures, which resulted in just a small set of shots to choose from. Which greatly increases the odds of ending up with pictures where your hand is drifting somewhere randomly, or where your face is screwing it up. THAT'S LIFE! I do however really like this outfit. I wore a rendition of this combination to my sister's finals, which were a photo exhibition. We just got the news that she passed, by the way! GRADUATION YAY. I'm superduper proud of my baby sis, and next year she'll be attending classes in Antwerp so we'll be able to get together over lunch and hang all the time, best news ever!

Back to the outfit: totally inspired by my current Carrie Bradshaw obsession. I hardly wear anything this party-ready of my own accord. Also, the skirt reminds me of Siamese fighting fish (aka the prettiest fish with the most streetwise name).

Peace out!

Kimono, Paper Bag Waist Shorts

kimono wicker box bag wedges style outfit
kimono paper bag waist shorts outfit style
botanical floral kimono
kimono wicker box bag outfit
kimono paper bag waist shorts outfitkimono top knot outfit style
kimono paper bag waist shorts wedges outfit

Kimono: c/o Oasap - top, paper bag waist shorts - H&M - wedges: Texto - box bag: Zara - name necklace: Onecklace

Ah! Back from beautiful London, back from my first ever conference, back from giving my first presentation about my very own research. I was nervous beforehand, but also very excited. It all went splendidly well, and in the end all of my worries about professional dressing proved unnecessary since all the other attendees dressed casually. Most people wore t-shirts, shorts, sneakers, flipflops, anything really. So next time I'm just going as me.

Returning home from three whole days in a strictly professional mode makes dressing comfortably and funky feel so very freeing. Letting go of the facade and slipping into my own skin again. And I love how this outfit came together: the shorts are old and I haven't worn them in ages, but I totally rediscovered them. They look so cool with the kimono, which is a new addition - another hit from Oasap, silky, vibrant and fully lined. Great quality.

Did you notice my new name necklace? I won it in Eline's giveaway, and I've been wearing it constantly since it arrived. Another piece of signature jewelry to go with my rings.

silver name necklace

This is the font I ended up choosing, and I have no regrets. I love how the letters are very fine, and how the elegant font almost makes the name abstract unless you really zoom in on it. It arrived within a week of ordering all the way from Israel, so I can't recommend the service enough.

Anyway, I'm back, rich with experience! Have you done something challenging yet enriching recently?

Mint Roshe Runs, Daisy Print Tee

mint nike roshe run daisy print t-shirt skater skirtmint orange nike roshe run
daisy print t-shirt denim skater skirt
mint nike roshe run daisy print t-shirt skater skirt
daisy print t-shirt
nike roshe run mint denim skater skirt
mint nike roshe run daisy print t-shirt skater skirt

Sneakers: Nike Roshe Run - skater skirt: ASOS - daisy print t-shirt: c/o OASAP 

Glorious day! I am completely ecstatic about having added these mint/orange Roshe Runs to my shoe wardrobe. I've had my eye on these babies for MONTHS, and they finally popped back up in my size at Zalando last week. They are sold out everywhere, but none of the other colourways appealed to me as much as these. The pale blue mesh layered over the orange base gives the shoes a neutral brightness and a pearlescent/holographic quality that I find absolutely gorgeous.

I used to think this sort of half-up hairdo was super dorky (esp with the plastic hair clip), but lately I've been wearing my hair like this a lot. It's just super easy, and I actually think it looks nice on me. Go figure! Maybe I just became more of a dork with age. I guess you can't work as a scientist and not be a bit of a dork at the end of the day. The plastic hair clip still looks stupid though, I should swap it for some bobby pins.

Tomorrow I'm rising before the break of dawn to catch my train to London, where I'll be attending the Celebrity Studies conference. I'm actually presenting a paper on Saturday (and yeah, I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing) so wish me luck! I probably won't be blogging the next days, but there's wifi at the venue so you can always follow me on twitter or instagram (@stylingdutchman) to accompany me on my first conference :)

How to Dress for a Conference with just 9 Pieces

I promised you guys I'd do another post on relaxed professional dressing for conferences as I'm leaving on my first conference this Thursday, so here I am! I always make good on my promises.

I guess I'm not the only one who finds it challenging to style outfits that are at once

- feminine
- not too sexy
- youthful
- professional
- and comfortable

But I did my best, and here are the nine pieces that will accompany me on my trip to the Royal Holloway university this week.

easy conference style nine pieces professional dressing

  1. printed Selected Shila t-shirt
  2. Zign sandals
  3. pink sleeveless H&M blouse
  4. Nike Roshe Runs
  5. printed Selected Shila pencil skirt
  6. Pimkie blazer
  7. white sleeveless H&M blouse
  8. Pimkie trousers
  9. snakeskin H&M flats

You have to keep in mind that I focused on finding outfits that would work with the 22-23°C weather forecast. I'm definitely not the type of person who can comfortably wear tights or denim when the temperatures are summery, so I had to accommodate myself by picking light fabrics and sleeveless tops that still covered me enough to feel professional. Secondly, I wanted to make sure that every piece could be paired with everything else. 

Also, I had to work with the fact that I'd be doing a lot of walking on my first and final day as these would include travelling towards the conference and of course back home. I really do have very sensitive feet, and even if I find comfortable ballet flats, they are never comfortable enough to see me through a full day of travel without killing my feet (plantar fasciitis right here :(). This basically meant I had to incorporate my Nike Roshe Runs, even though they would not be my number one pick for a professional event. 

The sandals are a safe plan B option for when I do wear my snakeskin flats, because the sandals are light and thin and don't rub my skin anywhere. I'll be carrying them in my bag to whip out in case of emergency.

Less talk, more pictures! This is how I'd wear my mini wardrobe. I included some pics with the on and off blazer to demonstrate how much of a difference a blazer can make to professionalize an outfit.

easy conference style professional dressing

Since two out of my three footwear options are rather casual, I compensated by styling my hair a bit more conservatively (half up, will be neater during the actual conference) and by wearing a blazer. A lot of my older, serious female colleagues wear sandals to our office, so I sort of feel like they are acceptable in my field of work. The thing is, I think you can often get away with wearing casual-feeling pieces as long as your whole outfit looks like you take the situation seriously, like you made an effort and like you respect your conversational partner. 

A pair of sandals makes a very different statement if they are made from a nice material and if you pair them with a sheath dress versus when they are rubber flip-flops with a band t-shirt and denim shorts. Also, make sure your toenails are clean and well maintained! I painted them nude because I like how finished yet understated that looks. I don't want people to be staring at my (lack of) pedicure.

Not pictured, but I'm also bringing some accessories to finish these outfits since a necklace and a watch wouldn't go amiss here, and of course I'm taking a scarf and some kind of cardigan or long sleeve shirt in case the air conditioning is kicking my ass.

So! What do you think? I feel like I succeeded at bringing a sort of youthful, feminine, European minimalist sort of conference-wear here.

Review and Tutorial: Contouring for Beginners with Sleek Face Form in Light

Like I told you guys earlier, I 've been looking for a good contouring/highlighting product to kick my beauty routine into the next level. I LOVE a full face of make up, and I always admire that totally done up doll look that you see on celebrities like Kim Kardashian. You just don't get that without contouring skills. So, after a tip by the lovely Nathalie, I got myself the Sleek Face Form kit in light (bought in this Dutch webshop that ships to Belgium). I went for the Face Form kit because it was affordable, and because I found loads of positive reviews online. I put together a review + tutorial for you guys, since I think contouring is actually quite 'advanced' stuff that sheds an entirely new light on make up.

First up: the product.

sleek face form light review tutorial
sleek face form light swatch review tutorial

As you can see, the Sleek Face Form kit consists of a contour powder (a neutral toned matte brown), a highlighter (a clear beige with champagne shimmer) and a blush (a beautiful peach with gold shimmers). The highlighter packs quite a punch, but the contour powder and the blush are rather subtle on my skin tone unless I really build it up. This is something I don't mind, as my skin can look ruddy and uneven if I use products that are very pigmented. If you want that finished Kim K. look, you don't want ruddy and uneven.

The three products are full size, and they come in a sturdy cardboard container including a big mirror, but no applicator. 12.95€ is really a very sweet deal for three full size products if you ask me, and I prefer using my own brushes anyway. I ordered the product in light, by the way, but I think the medium shades would suit me as well (during summer at least).

Now, moving on to the tutorial - I prepared my contouring-virgin self by checking out google image search for contouring (as one does). I pinned some great examples on pinterest, so feel free to check out my beauty board for more professional examples if you like. This is a quick peek at what the Face Form kit does for me.

On the left I'm wearing nothing but foundation, on the right I've contoured, highlighted, blushed, used nude lipliner to define my lips and filled in my eyebrows. I feel like the face form kit adds some life, definition and sun to my face while still remaining quite subtle. Of course, this is much better with some step by step instructions. Without further ado, my actual first try at contouring featuring the Sleek Face Form kit!

I've used eyeshadow brushes for the contouring and highlighting because I wanted precision, and I blended the product with my fingers. NOT BAD RIGHT? Let's look at that from some additional angles.

sleek face form easy highlighting contouring

Only difference between the two shots is that I'm wearing finished eye make up in the right one. This kit definitely gives an effect of MFBB - My Face But Better. I'm totally loving it, and it'll be hard to keep myself from using this every single day, even when I don't really have the time. That highlighter is rocking my world, and you definitely see how the contouring brings out my cheekbones.

Verdict: success! What do you think? Do you have experience with contouring/tips to share/questions? Shoot!