Valentine's Day Giveaway: Boudoir By Mail

Hi guys! I have a giveaway lined up for my Belgian readers, so read on if you are Belgian and in the mood for a gift.

First of all, HAPPY VALENTINE'S!! I'm not the biggest fan of the holiday, but I don't have anything against it either. The more holidays, the merrier. Hope you have enjoyed a love-filled thursday.

Second of all: I've concocted a neat little giveaway for you guys to celebrate this day of amour, in collaboration with Boudoir By Mail. Let me explain the concept: Boudoir By Mail is like a bit of luxury and decadence in a tiny box. You have probably heard of things like Shoemint and The Fab shoes. You subscribe for a monthly fee, and you'll get a new pair of shoes on your doorstep every month. Well, Boudoir By Mail is like that, but with sexy little pairs of knickers

Thongs, boyshorts, hotpants or classic panties: BBM has it all, for just 14,95€ a month including shipping and beautiful giftwrapping. Available options are a one month, a three month or a year subscription, so you're free to try things out if you're hesitant about spending the money. But the type of underwear you'll get in your mailbox is a surprise every month. Perfect both for couples and single ladies. Let me explain: if you have a boyfriend, you can make your monthly new pair of Boudoir By Mail panties into a sexy little game (think: boxers or briefs - thongs or boyshorts?). And if you're single, Boudoir By Mail is actually a totally feminist option: we don't need a gentleman caller to gift us sexy lingerie! NO, we order that shit ourselves and have it delivered to our doorstep in a pretty little box. Because your sexuality is your own, not something you put on for your boyfriend. 


SO. I'm giving away a one month subscription to Boudoir By Mail. This means you'll get a free trial of the service, meaning one pair of pretty knickers for your personal pleasure. But that's not all! Because we wanted you to feel extra special, the winner will also get a 100ml bottle of EFJ Eyjafjallajokull perfume by Gydja Collections, sold for 77,74€. Its scent has hints of citrus, vanilla, roses and bergamot.

 This perfume really is as fancy as it sounds, just read this description: 

"The perfume is made with pure glacial water from Eyjafjallajökull, and lava stone from the last eruption is wrapped around the bottle neck."

.... Seriously, is that EPIC or what? If some fracking glacial volcano perfume won't make you feel special, I don't know what will.

SO. In order to enter this giveaway, complete the following steps:

  1. If you have an account, follow Boudoir By Mail on twitter
  2. Like the Boudoir By Mail page on facebook
  3. And answer the following question honestly in the comments: what do you think of Boudoir By Mail? Would you subscribe? Why(not)? Please don't forget this last question, because the people behind BBM would love to hear your opinion to improve their product and service :)

And that's it. This giveaway will run until the 23rd of February. Muchos good luck!


  1. WOW! I'm not really the person that participates with contests easily, but I actually really love the concept of being surprised every month by lingerie! And on tops of that I really have a thing for knickers, I keep buying them even tough I actually have enough of them, but I just can't help it because when I wear a pair I love they make me feel like my outfit is complete. Actually, I once had a job application talk for a lingerie store and they asked me why I should be hired to work there, my reply 'I just looove knickers, can't help it'. I guess they thought the reply was awkward, because they never hired me :D. So yeah, I guess I would totally subscribe for Boudoir by Mail, it's a great concept. And if you feel down, you know that there is still this surprise per month that will boost your mood and make you feel pretty, which is always a good thing! Oh and the perfume that you get extra is like made for me :D. Last holidays I went to Reykjavik, Iceland with two of my best friends and it was one of the best trips I ever made. I fell in love with the country instantly and since I'm back I think of it almost every day. The perfume would totally help me with my nostalgia towards Iceland :). Hope this answer is complete enough :).

  2. dude best answer ever, if I wasn't randomly picking a winner you could probably already count on being THE ONE :D I'm crossing my fingers for you!

  3. LOVING the concept!
    It would be so much easier just to get them in your mail and just KNOW they're gonna be 'HAWT', I can never really pick lingerie in a store because I'm unsure about their sexyness, but these ones are just amazing!

    I bet I could surprise my boyfriend with a new pair of hotness every month! ...Or just myself, since a good shopping buzz and the feeling of wearing something new and sexy is where I live for!

    If I don't win this giveaway, I wouldn't subscribe but I would make my boyfriend buy me a subscription, as a monthly boyfriend-gift from him to me that's actually also a gift for him! ;)

    Xx S.

  4. haha I like your way of thinking :D

  5. Done and done!

    I love the concept, but at this point I wouldn't subscribe myself but I will give a link to my boyfriend and I am 100% sure he would love to give me a subscription for one occasion or another! He wouldn't buy me the beauty box because he thinks I already spend to much time doing my make-up but I bet he'll think differently of this box ;-) the more time I'd spend on this one...
    I might buy it myself if I have the option to cross off certain types of knickers I really don't enjoy wearing (like thong shorts thingies, ugh)!

    And eh, volcano perfume? How OMG-UNBELIEVABLY-AWSOME is that, man! Craziest thing I've heard in a while and I'm seriously dying over it! MUST.FIND.IT (if I don't win, which I really hope I do!)


  6. Pants in the post? What's not to love! I do the vast majority of my shopping online anyway, so I rarely go into a 'real' shop to buy knickers. I would consider it if you could choose the type of knickers you were sent i.e. no thongs!

    This is a great giveaway!

    Porcelina x

  7. Okay, let's be honest, cos that's what you @ BBM would like to know, right?
    What do you think of Boudoir By Mail? I think it's a lovely idea. The packaging and the knickers both look incredibly sweet!
    Would you subscribe? Why(not)? I don't think so. I feel that 15 euro for one pair is on the more expensive side. What if I didn't like it? Or even worse: What if it didn't fit? Then it would be a total waste of money. I have a subscription for the Deauty Box however, although I feel that is different, because the total value of the box is always way more than the 15 euro it cost me. And when there's something in it I can't or won't use, I can give it away, which is a bit less awkward than handing down a pair of knickers...

  8. Thanks for your honesty, I completely understand your point!
    Subject: [thestylingdutchman] Re: THE STYLING DUTCHMAN.: Valentine's Day Giveaway: Boudoir By Mail

  9. I love the idea and the underwear looks very sexy + the packaging is to die for! Maybe i subscribe if i don't win :)

  10. I would like to enter this lovely give-away! I love the idea of BBM. I also think the boyfriend would love it: every month some sexiness by mail. ;) On the other side: I don't like surprises. :s So, I honestly think I wouldn't subscribe. What if you get some thongs when you don't like to wear them.
    I don't have a Twitter account so I wasn't able to complete that part of the quest..

  11. Oh I love the idea ! I love surprises, and I love panties, so double check !

    If I have to give my honest opinion, i must admit that I would not subscribe. I would loooove to get such a beautiful box every month of course, but to buy it myself, I find it a bit expensive. Also because you're not sure if it fits. But winning the giveaway would be a great chance to still get it :) And the perfume, lovely ! I went to Iceland a time ago, and I would like to go back !

    Fingers crossed! xoxo