Shaggy Faux Fur and Boyfriend Jeans

shaggy faux fur coat: Ebay - sweater: ASOS - boots: Sacha - t-shirt: Lady Gaga's Born This Way ball - purse: mom's - boyfriend jeans: H&M

Outfittime! This look is all about proportions: baggy pants and a big coat, but a cropped sweater and some booties to counter the leg-shortening effect of the low waist denim. I think everything really works together nicely.

And since that's all I've managed to type out here for the past fifteen minutes (rest of my time was spent staring mindlessly into space) I think I don't have ANYTHING else to tell you guys. SSDD: tired, work, blaaaaah. You must be getting tired of me nagging about the same things in every blogpost, but I'm showing my true colors here yo: I'm DULL AS DISHWATER. Sorry! Check in with me tomorrow or the day after that, I might have something more to tell you by then.

Bye now!


  1. have you done something to your hair? Really like the lighter ends in your more recent outfit posts! Good to see you're keeping busy with all this work lately :) x x


  2. thank you! I haven't done anything recently, but I gave myself highlights somewhere in september-october last year and I still really love how it brings such life to my hair!

  3. Ik heb dezelfde laarsjes, ze zitten zo goed hé! En ik kan dat werk-gevoel, zit in mijn laatste jaar en die thesis komt echt aan mijn oren uit..