Pink Shaggy Faux Fur Coat

UGH guys I am dying over here, no time at all for the blog. I try to find bits of time here and there but I'm stretched so very very thin between two jobs, keeping our home the tiniest bit of presentable, getting dinner on the table and washing my hair (seriously, I need to PLAN that shiz now)... I just hardly find the time (or the energy) to blog these days. 

Of course, this too shall pass, but I just thought I couldn't disappear for 3 days and not say anything about it. Not that I'm trying to apologize, because this is my life and my blog and if I can't find the time, that doesn't make me a bad blogger, it just makes me a human being with only 24 hours in a day... But still, I feel a little bad about this. Like I'm being a quitter by not juggling EVERYTHING to perfection and putting a sweet little cherry on top, just cuz I'm that great. Perfectionism alert, oy vey.

But here I am, finding a bit of time to dedicate to the blog after dinner and before hitting the sack. Outfitpost!

shaggy faux fur coat: c/o OASAP - pleather skirt: Pimkie - t-shirt: Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball - club kid boots: Lucky Vintage Seattle - watch: c/o Swatch - scarf: H&M

I love this coat SO much. Just looking at it you probably have no idea how incredibly soft it is. Like clouds and bunny rabbits. It's out of stock now, but you can always keep a tab on it here in case they restock! Oasap also sells a slightly more crazy faux fur pink shaggy coat that you can check out here, and you can find a very similar version here, although sadly not in pink. Pink always wins.

But now I'm going to sign off and close my eyes. Hopefully I'll find some time to blog soon! And if not, you can always follow me via tha social media. I'm mostly on instagram (@stylingdutchman), facebook and pinterest these days. Bye!


  1. Ziet er echt zooooooo zacht en fluffy uit!
    En elke blogger heeft zo wel eens een periode, ik vond het echt al een sterke prestatie dat je dagelijks postte, so no worries ;)

  2. Stop trying to be perfect, you of all people should know there's no such thing. I hate 'perfection' or the impression of it, it's just boring.
    Your perfect outfit a few times a week is enough :) Want to pet you <3


  3. ma tis zo stom om dat jaren vol te houden en dan ineens niemeer! :(

  4. i knowwww but I can't help but TRY to be as perfect as possible :(

  5. Ja snap ik, het leven wordt nu eenmaal drukker met de jaren zeker :D ?

  6. Girl, that coat is AMAZING! Real life comes before internet life, you're still a great blogger!!

  7. Kan me helemaal voorstellen dat je zo gek bent op die jas! Ziet er echt top uit en volgens mij zit die jas nog heerlijk ook!

    Ik ben ook een echte perfectionist overigens, soms geweldig maar soms ook heel erg vervelend. Succes met je drukke agenda!



  8. That coat is literally the cutest thing everrrr! My god, it looks like that one thing you don't wanna take off to bed! So fluffy I wanna die! Hooray to pairing it up with your Lady Gaga tee!


  9. Cute! Pink is toch iets minder mijn ding (don't kill me) maar ik vind het je wel mooi staan.

  10. i won't kill you girl, mo pink fo me! :D en ik heb een obsessie overgehouden aan een meisje dat Elien en ik spotten in Londen vorig jaar. Roze faux fur. Mijn Moby Dick.

  11. amagad hoe cute is da!! Prepare for some fluffy hugz when we meet again! And afterwards pik ik die mee ;-) How's the job btw? Having fun I hope

  12. oh girl i feel ya... i have even considered stopping blogging because things are so crazy over here working 42 hr weeks + 12 credits grad school but alas... here we are haha. did you find the second job i remember you were applying for? what was it in? maybe you replied on here but i never get an alert about the reply. you are the queen of comfy oversized coats this year btw!


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