Glitter, Paisley, Lace and Shaggy Fur

shaggy fur coat: Ebay - lace dress: ASOS - tights: old - boots: H&M

Soooo this is what I wore to my mom's birthday dinner. Cool colors and a bit of a seventies Almost Famous vibe, don't you agree? I'm actually wearing two pairs of tights here, since the printed pair is super sheer and the print is a lot clearer when worn over darker tights. Almost a denim shade of blue, which somehow makes this entire combination feel a little more casual. To me at least. I'm weird like that.

I've had a good day. Just before leaving for work with my boyfriend (we carpool but I never drive because I don't have a license LOL), the doorbell rang. I was like noooo I don't have time for this ish but when I went over to the door, I saw the mailman holding a big old package. And my boyfriend never receives those so I already basically knew what would be in there: my Oasap shaggy pink jacket.

I was super curious to find out what the quality would be like and when I ripped open the packaging, some of the very softest, loveliest faux fur brushed against my fingers. Instant love. No regrets. And since it went with my outfit perfectly, I slipped right into my pretty new coat and went my merry way. My day seriously couldn't be ruined in any way, wearing that fluffy beauty.

Get yours here! And here are some similar options in black & leopard.

Signing off now, almost bed time. Work life is tiring, yo!


  1. Want to pet you in your new furs! Jealous!

  2. Hm, ik kan echt niet kiezen welke combo ik het mooiste vind. Deze of zwart/grijs met rood. Ik moet ook echt terug meer kleur dragen, that's for sure!

  3. oooh die roze is zo leuk! En pakketjes krijgen is zoooo leuk, ook al heb je er geen tijd voor eigenlijk :p

  4. I love the colors

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  5. Nice outfit! I really like the dress and the shoes :)

  6. Fluffy coats ftw! Ik wil er ook nog een stuk of 10 :)

  7. Dat blauwe kleedje is echt super! ^^ en je nieuwe jas ziet er zo knuffelbaar uit!! :) die witte trouwens ook... hmm xo

  8. Annabeth je doet me echt aan een zeemeermin denken, die blauwe tinten/patronen bij elkaar is echt prachtig :)
    Je haar is ook super lang geworden, beetje jaloers seg!

  9. dat helblauw staat u echt gooood lady!

  10. HI! I totally thought I commented on your blog before, but I can't find where it went. But anyways. I love that you are totally upfront about feminism because it is something we can't just skirt to the side. I love that we ladies can use fashion as part of our feminism, in fact I have an awesome quote about it on my blog.
    Anyways, your style i totally awesome and I am definitely going to look forward to all of your posts.
    Check out my blog?
    Thanks so much!
    Love, Jenna

  11. you look like an amazingly awesome snow queen in that big white coat. i love the blue dress and blue leggings combo, so fun and bright for winter!