Girlie Grunge

top: thrifted - floral skirt: Pimkie - hat, coat: H&M - sneakers: Nike - necklace: c/o Diamanti Per Tutti

Time for another outfitpost! I got this top on my last thrifting excursion with the sis and momster for 3€. One of those items that are actually quite ugly but surprisingly versatile to style. My sis and me both tried it on over our outfits and since it worked for both of us, we just couldn't leave this silly little top behind. I swear I had something SUPER similar as a 10 year old kid back in the 90s. Which probably explains why I styled it so very grungy. My boyfriend thought this was one of my ugliest outfits yet (and that's saying a lot, lol) but I think this totally works together.

I seem to be in the mood for really unsubtle outfits lately. Which you probably already noticed, what with my giant faux fur coats and all. No idea why, I don't think I feel more exuberant than usual. Maybe I'm just really bad at keeping it classy at the moment. SORRY! Must be my exhausted brain short circuiting, going errr beep bloop and BANG I'm dressed like I'm an extra on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Which is never a bad thing, btw.

ANYWAY this is going nowhere, per usual. I hope you like my outfit. And if you don't, yo homes, SMELL YA LATER.


  1. That top is indeed pretty ugly, but surprisingly works. But it's no secret that a true grunge outfit must have something ugly :) I loves it!


  2. yesss no grunge without ugly! and no beauty without ugly either :)

  3. I love this look! It looks really comfortable too, which is always good in my book :) Gotta love 90s-esque tops too


  4. Dat truitje is echt een flashback naar mijn kindertijd (JA IK BEN OUD) :)

  5. Yay! I had a similar top as a kid too :-D love this ugly thing!

  6. Nothing makes getting dressed fun like mixing prints! Love it.

  7. Haha I don't think it's a particularly ugly outfit. I really like the way your floral ruffled skirt looks with your sneakers!

  8. Your boyfriend didn't like this? He is crazy... I'm totally loving your sneaker obsession, and just gearing up to see if I can work some myself. You always look comfy and awesome lately... which is definitely aspirational from my point of view!

  9. What a comfy looking outfit! The top isn't too ugly (just a little! haha) but looks pretty good on you! I'm sure I had one like that when I was a child too. And its so nice to see classic red on nails for a change, I'm a little sick of all the pastel nail colours and nail art,

    x Aliya


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