Collar and Cords

blouse: Primark - trousers: River Island men's department - flats: Sacha - nailpolish: Essence

Hi dolls! Just an outfit today. I bought this superlovely blouse in Primark when I went to London. Last week, it was finally warm enough to wear it out! Simple, relaxed, androgynous, preppy and slightly (OK very) hipster with just my corduroy boyfriend trousers and nautical loafers. I love how the blouse is JUST see through enough to be slightly scandalous, but opaque enough to look good with a nude bra. This is my version of a tracksuit btw, completely casual and as comfortable as pajamas. The best way to ALWAYS look fun or put together is to only have nice pieces in your closet. Cute stuff can be comfortable too!

La Fille d'O: Sexy Sex Times

Last night I was invited by the awesome Oona ladies and miss Murielle Scherre (nsfw!) herself to check out ze goods and to celebrate the fact that Oona will be taking care of La Fille d'O's PR from now on. It seems only logical that Belgium's most kick ass brand of lingerie is represented by Belgium's most epic team of PR ladies so, like, DUH! I am personally a huge fan of Murielle and what she does. Who doesn't love a selfmade woman who presents her own sex-positive, woman-centric view on lingerie without losing her sense of humor? I sure do. 

As the home page of her brand La Fille d'O shows us, miss Murielle's references range from Wayne's World and A Neverending Story to cats and Japanese schoolgirls. I love my girls pop culture-savvy. Even better? Her habit of asking her friends to model her line instead of using jaded looking, uber toned models. As I have experienced first hand last night, her choices culminate in an atmosphere of fun, light-heartedness and casual goofing around: everything sex should be in my book.

Unmentionables, oh how I love that word.

Sparkles and bubbles

Best.Thing.EVER. Ombre floor.

Loved the hint of youthful lockerroom sex appeal provided by the climbing frame against the wall, the sort of structure everyone remembers from highschool. And of course, the girls are beautiful! I especially loved the high waisted panties on the left model, and the bikini top on the girl in the center. Also, those flower headwreaths? AMAZING. And SO Lana.

Murielle's beautiful tattoo (sort of like an organic version of seamed tights?) and AF Vandevorst boots. I've been wanting those since foreveeeer

Beautiful moment in my eyes: Murielle helping each of her babes step down from the mini-stage. Nothing could show the vibe of positivity and girlfriend support more clearly than this. Sex and (semi)nudity need not be exploitative!

Of course I had to get jiggy with that. Also, this picture couldn't be more perfect. Especially the awesome sneakers miss fierce was wearing. Reminds you of getting it on with your lover and not even bothering to take of your (non-sexy) shoes. Exactly the reason why I personally couldn't give a rat's ass whether my guy takes off his socks before jumping in the sack with me.

And then, the main attraction of the evening: having our picture taken with one of the models. Who ever has the funnest pic gets to win a custom made (to fit your curves!) combination of lingerie! Of course I had to write something dirty on my little chalkboard. For you English speakers out there, poep'n? roughly translates to "wanna bang?". Yes I am totally once, twice, three times a lady.

This post is already picture heavy as is, so I'm leaving out my outfitpictures on a pretty bridge in pretty Ghent for another day. TGIF BITCHEZ I hope you enjoyed my post, and have a lovely weekend!

Bits and Bobs and Glitter

No time for an outfitpost (OK no I'm just more in the mood to eat Doritos and watch Dance Moms, SUE ME), but here are some bits and bobs I wanted to share with you guys!

Catrice Ultimate Shine 210, Kiss Kiss Hibiskuss. SUCH a versatile color, I recommend it to all of you. Supercheap and you can wear it as a gloss (one coat), as a more opaque glossy lipstick (more coats) or a bright, almost coral-matte hue comparable to Nicki Minaj's Viva Glam lipstick if you powder your lips with translucent powder after putting on your lipstick. Here, I'm just wearing one thin coat, but you can see me double coatin' and powdered off in my last post and here

New fave nailpolish. Trust me, it looks better in real life. This cheapie essence dupe for my one and only nailpolish obsession (Opi/muppet Rainbow Connection) is amazing. LOADS of glitter, almost covers your entire nail after just two coats. And like, 2,50€ or something? The Opi one costs like 20€ over here. GO GET IT

If you hate your dark circles like I do (or just have deep set eyes like I do), you are probably forever on the lookout for a good concealer. And let me tell you, of all the concealers I've tried over the years, this Catrice one is PERFECT for me. Cheap (yes this is important to me, it maybe costs 5€?) and a neutral shade pigmented enough to cover up major baggage, but the most important thing is the texture. Almost every concealer I've tried goes cakey or emphasizes the tiny wrinkles around your eye, but this one? None of that. Not thick or gooey, not drying, and light yet providing sufficient coverage. I'm in love with it. Not that I want to have its babies, but lemme tell you: those babies would NEVER look tired.

I made AMAZING pasta a la norma. I'm not even tooting my own horn here, it was simply awesome. I don't even like eggplant! The combination of all of these ingredients is divine, so google that shit and make it yourself. Vegetarian swag!

yes, another shot of my nailpolish. I just love it SO MUCH.

Do you have anything small and exciting to share? I think it's important to get all hyped up about silly little things in life, it makes your day a lot more fun. I see it as a way of keeping in touch with my inner child. Kids don't need a lot, they are psyched by something as small as the promise of pancakes. Then again, pancakes are pretty awesome.

Have a nice day!

Beige and Birds

dress: Think Twice vintage - ballet flats: Sacha - purse: Primark - belt: ASOS - sunglasses: H&M

Hi dolls! Have you all gotten used to my new lay out yet? I can't stop checking it out, like a new boyfriend's ass. Not that I'd remember what that felt like as I haven't had a new boyfriend in 8 years. No worries if you're reading this, sweetie! Serves you right for saying I look like a cleaning lady with that scarf around my head in my banner picture! HMPF


I've finally gotten round to watching the Mad Men season 5 premiere! I've got some mixed feelings: it's great to see everyone again, there were some amazing oneliners and Megan is SO inspirational (both in personality and style), but there was something about the dialogue and the flow that felt... off? Maybe it's just the fact that the series needs to find its footing again, but it felt a bit too light and airy and swingy. And every line seemed to be about telling us about the same old main problems of all of the characters.. Again, it's probably just an introduction. But I'm crossing my fingers for Matthew Weiner to go deep again (that's what she said, haha!).

Did you watch the new episode yet? And how perfect is EVERY look Megan was wearing?

YES. I need to replicate that hair and make up.

Spring Cleaning

Whoa! Big changes! I sort of thought "DUDE I'm wearing mittens in my banner. MITTENS. And I've been wearing summer dresses the past week. WHAT IS UP YO" so I sort of changed EVERYTHING. I guess that's how I roll. I REALLY love certain bits (the colors, the clean-ness, the buttons in pretty pastels) and I'm not sure about other stuff (the banner). 

What do you think? Feedback! I need it! Your love and adoration! I crave it! Tips? I could use it!

Daisy Chain

Never once in my life have I made a daisy chain. I love love LOVE the look of them, the way they remind me of young girls with freckles and bare feet braiding each other's hair and picking flowers, how they are a very relaxing way to spend some time on a sunny day in spring. Perfect to get your mind off things. My boy and me walked over to our town's football field last Saturday to frolick around in the sun. He kicked the ball around, and I sat down to make a daisy chain. The field was filled with daisies! This calls for a tutorial for all you daisy virgins out there.

What you need:

a fiel full of daisies

A nail on your pinky finger

What to do:

Try and find the daisies with thicker stems (makes it easier to create the holes). Make a small opening in the stems by wedging your pinky nail into it. Make sure to make a closed circle and not to tear the stem. Carefully open up the hole and pull through the next daisy. Repeat until you have a long strand of daisies. To close your chain, repeat the same technique using your first and last daisy. Et voila! I wore mine the rest of the evening, even grocery shopping. It looks so pretty.

dress: Think Twice vintage - sandals: H&M - daisy chain: DIY

Don't you just love my weird mid talking pose? I look like I'm mime-DJ'ing, scratching the record with my right hand and holding my earphones with the left :-D


shirt, brogues: Primark - trenchcoat: H&M - skirt: Think Twice vintage - bow: gift - sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Maybe it's my ripe old age (almost 25! WHICH IS TOTALLY ALMOST 50 OMIGOSH) or maybe I'm just an annoying brat, but it has taken me an entire week to get used to the warmer spring temperatures we are experiencing right now. I admit I was being a dick, because there is hardly anything more lovely than walking around in the city with your guy, holding hands and feeling the remaining warmth of the sun emanating from the brick walls and asphalt streets. I love sunny evenings so much, and wearing sandals is literally the best thing ever. EVER. Or maybe that's just our amazing sushi dinner speaking.

Anyway, I'm loving spring now! And I'm celebrating its budding by going bare legged after months of covering up my stilts. Also, Mad Men is back! I haven't seen the first episode of season 5 yet but I can't wait. Sooooo here I am, going all out retro again. I imagine this being something Peggy might've worn in her teenage years. Oh Peggy, I can't wait to catch up <3

PS: I want to thank all of you who commented on that post about my dad. Your loving words mean more than you'd think.

Indoor Beachparty

Like I told you, I was invited to the Ola party to chime in the start of summer time. Ice cream, a heated tent on the banks of the Schelde, lovely company and the chance to win a 2500€ travelling cheque to reward the partygoer wearing the best outfit: yes please. I could use some fun to get my mind off of being tired, sick and miserable yo. As always, I snapped pictures to share some of the atmosphere with you guys. Enjoy!

Yes Emily, I took your advice and accessorized my floppy hat!


Welcome to the jungle!

Kim and Stéphanie

Ice cream!

the view from our party hut

Kim's mad dancingskillz

(check out that dude in the back, looks SO much like that Kerr Smith guy from Dawson's Creek!)

The lucky girl who won the prize. HMPF I'm mega jealous, I ain't even lying. I can't even begin to imagine what I'd do with that ticket! Visit my brother and his family in America? Go on my first ever vacation with my boyfriend of eight years? BOTH VERY GOOD OPTIONS

But we can't all be winners, right? I'm sure that girl has her own dreams she'll be able to pursue with that 2500€. Thanks to Ola for that amazing opportunity (and the ice cream :-)). 

How did you spend your weekend?