Wednesday Addams

Today's outfit is one I put together for Project Blogway, a small initiative to unite Belgian bloggers in challenges. This week's challenge was to get inspired by a childhood movie or fairytale, and I had to go for Wednesday Addams of course. One of my all time favorite characters and for sure one of the most stylish!  I didn't want to replicate her look too much so I kept the black, the white collar, the surly face and the goth influence with the small crucifix, but added a bit of sixties flair with the chunky mary janes, winged eyeliner and voluminous hair. Of course poor little Dropje had to be a prop in my shoot. He was such a good little boy, sitting perfectly still, but after a while he started making this really sad, low, throaty noise so I let him off the hook! Cats don't like having their pic taken, go figure.

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I love the lighting in these shots.

However, I'm not really in the mood to write alot after what happened at Pukkelpop. For my foreign readers: Pukkelpop is Belgium's biggest music festival, and yesterday night disaster struck. A storm was expected to hit Belgium during the day, but it was worse, much worse than anyone could have expected: hail the size of golf balls bludgeoning people to the point of bleeding, 10 cm of water within minutes and a small hurricane... 5 people died when the tents caved in and trees and equipment went flying, dozens are gravely injured. This vid here shows a compilation of footage shot by festivalgoers. Their screams of fear move me to tears. One of my very best friends was at the festival but luckily got away unharmed but in minor shock. Pukkelpop will never be the same.

This has to be the worst summer in year: Financial crisis, Norway massacre, hunger in Africa, horrible weather claiming lives, London lootings... Jesus.

Edit: as Celynne pointed out, there have always been horrible things and disasters, we just forget about the ones that happened last year and give priority to recent events. I totally agree. However, I failed to mention that I find this summer so horrible because the older I get, the harder I find it to shrug off these things. They really hurt me, upset me and make me cry. Am I getting more in touch with my feelings? Maybe me getting older just has me more aware of my own mortality. Anyway, lately I've been dreading the news every single day.

dress: ASOS
crucifix: Urban Outfitters
Mary Janes: New Look
ring: Alex Monroe

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  1. I always loved Wednesday too. I like how you styled yourself with her as inspiration.

    Wow, talk about heavy. I was at a summer festival this year and tenting it too, and let me tell you... it's serious business when intense weather hits. We got lucky and barely got any rain, I feel so terrible for all those poor people!

    And not belittle this summer's happening... Consider that each year we have disasters and shocking happenings. It's just that each year's events dwarf those from the last so it seems like this year is worse than before. There was the earthquake in Haiti in January of last year for example... this year it was cast from our minds with the earthquake in Japan. Or the tsunami in 2004. Or any other number of other horrible things. We just live in a pretty cruel world... but also a wonderful one. So don't dwell on the sad things when there's so much more to be happy about.

  2. LOVE this outfit, I can totally see your inspiration but you made it your own!
    and wow...that is so horrible!! I'm glad your friend is okay though...this has been a pretty nasty summer. Hopefully winter sees an upturn of events and the economy... :/

  3. I know, I guess I should have been better at wording my thoughts: the thing that strikes me most about the recent events is how bad I am at shrugging it off. I never cried for 9/11, for Haiti, for that big Tsunami in Asia. But the last year I have been getting so sensitive. Maybe I'm better at feeling other people's distress, maybe I'm just more in touch with my own mortality. But it really touches me deeply. I hate watching the news.

  4. I've told you before, that pic with the crazy cat is AWESOME. And I love the shoes so much. Give them to me?
    I'm experiencing the same thing by the way, I never used to take bad news this much to heart. It really moves me and tears my eyes. On the other hand, when I hear about people inviting the victims into their private space and offering them a bed and some food I get teary as well. So maybe I've just turned into a woensdagfilm op vijftv.

  5. Wauw! écht super gestyled :D + je kat is ontzettend fotogeniek!

    Ben blij dat je vriendin ongedeerd is! Ben gisteren héél bang geweest... mijn vriend zat daar en uiteraard kon ik hem niet bereiken... Er spookt dan zoveel door je hoofd! :( Maar hij is ok! Wel nét ontsnapt aan één van die gigantisch omgevallen bomen!

  6. Your cat may have been antsy but he has the best expression on his face for this shoot!

    That's terrible about the festival... I think I read recently about one (can't remember where) where strong winds blew over a stage and killed some people. Hmm, I agree that bad things happen every year, but this year does have "end of the world" proportions to it. I do feel (and kind of hope and kind of dread) that we're in for some significant changes in the near future.

    P.S. Glad the famine made your list. ; D

  7. I have that dress and I have been wearing it to death!! Cant wait to wear it with cream tights when it gets a little cooler!!

    Wonderful lighting in these photos and a great look.

    I think the world has shrunk Annebeth, communications brings every event not just to our TV but to so many of the devices we interact with every day. We used to get our news in small slices and not as it is with us every moment of everyday. Plus we are all getting older as you point out and with it comes more life experience and we feel more and more is not just about intensity but also about wider emotions.

    Very deep for a Friday night... Have a great weekend :D


    PS - having no end of problems with signing in on your new blog format!

  8. you mean the disqus thing? What exactly is causing problems? I have heard this from someone else as well but the only thing I've done recently is change my comment section to disqus!

  9. Ik heb ook met kippenvel en tranen in mijn ogen de filmpjes zitten bekijken. Gisteren na een uur mijn vrienden in paniek bellen kregen we uiteindelijk een smsje dat iedereen ok was. Meest bange uur van mijn leven, nog nooit zo bezorgd geweest.

    Leuke outfit trouwens, om toch iets vrolijker af te sluiten :) Dat jurkje is echt prachtig.

  10. Oh wow. Definitely love the whole thing. Your cross necklace looks amazing, btw.


  11. Love the outfit - but I wanted to chime in on the issues facing the world today. There are known, systemic reasons for much of the unrest in the world today - we just lack the collective political will to address them properly. The riots are a symptom of a bigger problem - income inequality, which is a huge problem for the western world since the liberalization of economic and trade policy starting in the 1970s.

    We have bigger issues as a species to deal with than just income inequality. Fact is, we've destroyed this planet - past tense intended - and are only now realizing the effects, which include more weather events and disasters. It's simple thermodynamics - more heat in the atmosphere equals more moisture and more energy. That plays out on the world stage as increasingly severe weather events.

    I do, however, have faith. Humanity, as a species, has the technology and the capability to save us from ourselves - it will require an unprecedented effort, just as the world is changing in unprecedented ways.

    This instability we face, manifested as social unrest, inequality, vast hunger on a massive scale - I feel will be resolved. I have faith that humanity as a whole can come together. Of course, when we do come together and pool our resources, it'll be at the 11th hour. The next 50 years will be hallmarked by cycles of economic recession and stagnation. The system we have come to rely on, powered by fossil fuels will eventually collapse under the weight of the system. We cannot indefinitely continue to utilize these finite resources.

    Our continued existence - as a western, modern, civilized society enjoying the comforts that technology affords us will force us (the one billion of us that live in relative peace, comfort, and wealth) to change - to expand beyond Earth for the resources we need to give the other seven billion of us - those of us starving from lack of food, dying from lack of water, and keeling over from lack of medical care and other basic human rights.

    Have faith. We will overcome, as a society, as a species. Technological advanced civilization that we enjoy so much cannot, and will not fail us. Just stay active - make sure you vote for the right people, stay informed, and let history take its course. It won't be without turbulence - but, humanity stands on the verge of an incredible renaissance of knowledge and capability - and we will be there for the day that we leverage that for the benefit of all of us.

  12. Love this outfit.
    I know what you mean. I have to be careful watching the news or I turn into a blubbering mess, seriously.

  13. well there is a lot going on in the world. yesterday my mother told me that her backyard was full of toads, together with the hurricane.... looked like a well known story to me! so sometimes you are really wondering what is going on! another thing that strikes me is the fact that people are more and more discontent! nothing is good enough anymore and tolerance is gone! this is what scares me the most! you have to put so much energy into talking to people and satisfying them because they want more and more! just saying hello to the man on the streets, that phenomenon is gone and i think it is sad

  14. Wednesday adams is so awesome, love this style, the dress is gorgeous. I was so saddened to hear about what happened at that festival, it's horrible. A few summers ago a stage crashed down at a festival here because of a ridiculous storm, 1 was killed and only a few people injured. It doesn't matter the amount of people harmed it's still really sad and shows how mother nature can change things

  15. This was a heavy post. Ever since I got rid of television in my home I've been so oblivious to bad news. Unless it's on my yahoo home page I'm not really up on current events anymore. But that's terrible news about the music festival. There was something similar in Indiana where a stage collapsed and killed 6 people and others injured. It's weird freak things like that which make one ponder mortality.

  16. Totally just voted for you! You look gorgeous, I love Wednesday Addams. What a BABE, and a unique character to be inspired by!

    My thoughts are with everyone affected by the disaster at Pukkelpop - I was so shocked and saddened when I heard. x

  17. ooh love the outfit! i've never actually watched the adams family, which i assume the characters wednesday is from, but i'm liking her style (and her name!)

  18. I'm in LOVE with this outfit. And the shots are pretty perfect too!

  19. I'm so sorry to hear about this, my heart goes out to the people at the festival and families... no one could have predicted that!

    La Petite Marmoset

  20. I love this outfit. Very Wednesday Adams, but still modern. And the kitty is the perfect finishing touch.

    I feel ya on the whole "wtf is up with the world these days?!" thing. I think it is partially growing up and being more in touch with these kinds of events. I honestly can't stand watching the news anymore. It makes me so depressed, especially when I feel so helpless.

  21. Wow your dress is so beautiful ! Also adore your shoes.