Rusty Blue and Floppy Hat

My boyfriend's summerbreak is over, sadface. You know those couples that are at their best when they can live their separate lives and meet up once in a while? Yeah, we're not one of them. We love being really obnoxiously close all the time. Don't worry, it's not like we're constantly cooing silly petnames, holding hands and making kissy faces. We just like being around each other. 

When I'm with my boyfriend, it feels like coming home, like I'm a fish finally let into water. That silly stuff about your lover completing you? That's how I feel. I'm so much more at ease when I'm near him. But I do feel like I need to be alone from time to time to build up my own strength rather than leaning on him.

AH, the wondrous world of relationship dynamics!

Outfittime: blue and brown, seventies glam

I'm watching The Cove right now, a documentary on the horrible way dolphins are hunted and killed for entertainment and their flesh.

Depressing, but very necessary: as an intelligent person with the possibility to one day have influence on the world, I find that I am obligated to be aware of injustice and wrongdoings around me. It gets harder as I get older and less naive, but I must persevere. Keeping your head down is lazy and immoral, I have never been the type of person to stand by and watch if something is going wrong. In fact, usually I'm the one to butt in. Gets me a lot of haters, but at least my conscience is clear!

dress: T2 vintage
hat: I am
wedges: Texto
belt, sunglasses: H&M
box bag: Zara


  1. You and your boyfriend sound so amazingly perfect! as perfect as it gets, anyway :)

    I adore the dress and you styled it brilliantly, the hat is fab!xx

  2. Sigh. Speaking of summer break, I will be moving back to LA by the end of next week, which means separation from the boyfriend! :( I am blessed that got to see each other numerous times throughout the summer, sometimes almost every day. For 8-9 months of the year, we are 600 miles away from each other, and I just feel so relieved and peaceful when I get to be in his arms again. :) Oh man, relationships...haha

    I've come to the realization that I haven't been inside H&M in a very long time...especially since I've been thrifting so much. I kinda miss that store now.

  3. who could not love you in a dress like that, what an unbelievable interesting print. so fabulous with that dark hat and big glasses. the colors are so quirky but in a good way. PS i could not live without my hubby either. it would be the end of the world to me

  4. Blogger for some reason very rarely lets me comment on your posts! I know exactly what you mean. My man and I are currently in the 'long distance' stage of our relationship ( I really hope it doesn't last!) and whenever I'm with him I do feel complete again. So I complete get what you're saying!

    Fabulous bag too!

    Oh - and because it wouldn't let me comment before! I LOVE your sailor blouse, taupe H&M cardigan and the zoo post you did ages ago! :-D

  5. I know the feeling, of being a fish in water near your partner. Which makes it all the more crappy for me that my boyfriend lives over 3000km's away. And I probably won't see him again for another 9 months before I move out there. D'oh XD

    I looove this look, but I love it any time you go 70's. Those sandals are awesome.

    Major bummer about the dolphins :( I can't watch things like that because I either cry, or get filled with rage that has nowhere to go.

  6. Looove this outfit! so perfect. That dress is gorgeous and those pretty! Awesome look!

  7. Loooove that dress!! I hope that one day I find a guy that "completes me" haha....but for now I'm just a weirdo girl who likes being alone all the time :)
    Ugh...the poor dolphins :( I really hate people sometimes

  8. Linda!! Amazing dress. Kisses from Brazil ~.~


  9. Beautiful summer dress!

  10. Hoelang zijn jij en je boyfriend al samen? Want, ook al hou ik suuuuperveel van mijn lief, ik moet hem niet alle dagen constant bij me hebben. Soms is het goed als we elkaar een aantal dagen moeten missen, omdat het weerzien dan des te leuker is, hehe ;-) Maar soms is het ook gewoon heel leuk om 24/24h bij elkaar te zijn en niets anders te doen dan te genieten van elkaars aanwezigheid. Ook leuk dat hij (enkele posts terug) dat hij zei dat je 'The One' was - nog veel geluk samen :)

  11. Hej, ik heb nog niet zo heel lang een blog hoor :) maar vind het super! Ik keek veel naar blogs (oa naar de jouwe) en dacht "nu maak ik er zelf eens eentje!" het resultaat heb je dus al gezien op :D..

    Ik ben trouwens verliefd op u handtas ; keep an eye on it ;) ! En wat die documentaire betreft, zo'n dingen vind ik echt wreed. Zie dat water alleen al, en die beestjes dat daar levenloos in dat bootje liggen, word ik gewoon misselijk van. Dat mensen zo iets kunnen doen, verschrikkelijk !

    xxx liefs

  12. How gorgeous is the print on your dress! It looks gorgeous paired with the wedges x

  13. I am so in love with this outfit! The print on the dress is fabulous and perfectly paired with the floppy hat. And I have seen The Cove as well. It is such a sad but much needed movie. xx

  14. pretty dress
    love the shoes

    I’m hosting my first GIVEAWAY – here’s the link

  15. Aww you and your boyfriend sound soo cute. It's so nice to find someone who can compliment your personality perfectly. Mine is so calm and easygoing I can actually relax around him.
    LOVE this floral print dress with all the brown accessories, what a great combination. It's so wonderful.
    That picture from the documentary made me so upset, I love dolphins and thats so cruel

  16. You look so beautiful!! I really love your sunglasses. I love the way you describe your relationship, it sounds wonderful.

  17. i am so with you on this issue! thank for creating awareness on this tragedy that happens everyday and that some of us ignore here in the states.

    ANd by the way this outfit is to die for!

  18. Leuk kleedje!

  19. That's so sweet about your sig o! I feel the same way about my man, even though he doesn't quite get my dumb, 5 yr old super American (I feel anyway) sense of humor! I've been meaning to watch that documentary as well, I guess now that I can go out & rent it I can't make any more excuses. I also feel a sense of obligation to be aware of injustices and take action, although I've been finding a better balance lately & watching things just for fun as well. I just watched a documentary called "Which Way Home." Also really sad but also so important to see, I think anyway. But on a happy note, you look lovely! It's like 70s print meets classy 50s dress, perfect w/ your big hat.

  20. Love the flowers everywhere and the colorful nails! :) The shoes are stunning!

  21. I love that you like to butt in for the good cause :) them haters are so worth it when you can achieve something. I've been bugging everyone to help the people in the horn of Africa and lots of them are like : that's none of your bussiness but I think making it my bussiness is really important :)
    (ps: really like the little bag)

  22. It's all too easy to get jaded about all the stuff going on in the world but I completely agree, sticking your head in the sand is not an option either.

    You look great :) Love the rust and blue together.

  23. Well... i just couldn't help it.
    I see the kind of movies you like and understand what you say about responsibility.
    There's one movie that's a must for each and every woman out there (and man actually)

    "Desert Flower"
    Based on a true story of a Somalian woman circumcised at 3, sold in marriage at 13, fled from Africa a while later to become finally an American supermodel and is now at the age of 38, the UN spokeswoman against circumcision.

    Just amazing and VERY recommended.

  24. Well you know I like stopping by for your opinions and important stuff. I've been meaning to see that film, actually.

    Love the dress and how well the flower ring goes with it.

    As for the relationship... you're a lucky girl. : )

  25. Aww. I know what you mean though. My boyfriend and I are having to be long-distance at the moment, after being used to being together all the time at university. I know exactly what you mean about being with your man being like coming home.

  26. Your outfit is gorgeous! Love your blog so much!