New Sundress + Dropped Stats

Say hi to my new 3 euro sundress! My sis pulled this one out of the racks at T2 but I fell in love with it too, and since we aren't the same size we don't actually rival for clothes, yeay! Sooooo I got this lovely little seventies sundress and altered it a tiny bit: the straps used to be ribbons to tie on your shoulder, but I always hate the extra bit hanging about and the bows look daft with a sweater or cardigan over them, so I changed the straps into normal ones. Some heartshaped glasses, wedges and my little box bag et voila: a sweet, slightly retro summer outfit.

Now, I have something to ask you bloggers out there: how are your stats for July and August? Mine are crap and I was wondering whether my blog has gone suckier or it's just the holidays :-D 

This kind of thing leads to selfdoubt: I always try to offer what I'd like to see on other blogs, maybe I'm just way egotistical in blogging for myself, but my own taste is the one I know best! I think I'm bringing up an interesting point here: who do you blog for? Your mom, your friends, other bloggers, likeminded people, yourself? 

I think me blogging mostly for myself expresses itself on two levels: on one hand I blog because I like it, not because I want someone's approvement. On the other hand, I choose my content based on what I like to see on other blogs. I prefer outfits over moodboards, collages and reblogged pictures: original content above anything. I prefer a relatable personality with a witty sense of humor above cookie cutter perfection. And I prefer a realistic outfit over something overstyled. So that's what I offer! How do you see this? Am I too self concerned, should I literally get over myself?

I actually think my blog gets consistently better, my pics have been great lately (at least I think so! :-D) and my write-ups haven't changed significantly, or am I missing something? Anyway, the sudden drop in stats baffles me and makes me wonder whether I should care. If you guys give me your honest opinions on whether my blog has gotten worse lately it'll clear a lot up!

dress: T2 vintage
box bag: Zara
wedges: Texto
sunnies: H&m


  1. I guess my stats are a little lower, nothing unusual. Kinda hard for me to tell. You have more watchers than my blog has had views ever, for example, haha...

    That dress is fantastic! Great find. Love it with the box-purse and those wedges. They look really comfy. I also <3 this other pair of <3 glasses, heh.

  2. I love your style, your personality and your blog. I think we are overwhelmed, at least I am by the sheer volumne of blogs out there. My stats are level, no growth, no drop, but I promote the hell out of it, and am lucky to have a high level of reader engagement. That said, I haven't had time to keep up with my blogroll lately- it is impossible to keep up- I was spending HOURS reading other blogs, and I can't do it anymore.
    I think that's why stats have dropped. There's more out there, and we've got less time.

    xo, to you beautiful Annabeth. xo. -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  3. Loving those cork platforms! Perfect!

  4. I don't think you should care! I think your blog is amazing and it is one I constantly go to because it has exactly what I love! I prefer original content and outfit posts that I would wear in public. I hate overstyled outfits that look like they belong on the runway rather than real life!

  5. Oooh ziet er super mooi uit! Cool dat ie zo goed paste! Echt een prachtige jurk!

  6. Love that dress! And yep, my stats have gone down a bit the past 2 months too, must be because its summer...haha
    and I agree, I prefer outfit posts on blogs too, but sadly I don't have the resources to do them a lot...but maybe I'll try to start doing it more soon. I wish I could do an outfit post a day... *sigh* haha But I don't mind a bit of inspiring photos or runway looks either ;) (hello..that's like half of what I post on my bloggy, haha)

  7. Realistic outfit all the way! I personally enjoy your blog and follow it from a looong time now and I think your pics are getting better and your style too.
    I think you should stick to your typical posts that me - and I'm sure many people - like. Your style is fresh and I love how you write so I don't know why your stats are down but you really shouldn't worry about it, I mean, I certainly don't care about it but I guess once you've had lots of views, you get used to it. Maybe it's just the holidays really or too many blogs are out there now and readers can't handle it anymore. Let's hope it gets better the next month! :)

  8. lol I forgot to say how fabulous that dress is!!

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  10. That is so weird that your stats are dropping. Weren't you featured on the front page of Chictopia a few times this summer? I would think that is a super stats boost!

    Personally, I love your blog. It's one of my favorites actually. I love your style, and your pictures this summer have been fab! Your writing totally cracks me up too. And I enjoy your serious Saturday posts and when you feature other blogs you like. I would say keep your content as it is. I really enjoy it!

    (Also, I have to echo Celynne up there...considering you have more followers than I have had views ever...don't fret! You are still kick some blog boo-tay, imho.)

  11. Niets mis met je blog! Je foto's zijn prachtig en je kan nog steeds ontzettend goed schrijven! :D

    Eigenlijk blog ik ook voor mezelf... maar wel dankzij jou! Zonder jouw aanmoediging op chictopia had ik het nooit gedurfd! Dus bedankt :D

    Foto's van Barcelona komen eraan btw ;) Het zijn er wel niet veel (toch zeker geen echte outfit foto's)... vanwege een super leuke keelontsteking vanaf dag 1! :D

  12. I'm still here. :) Love the shoes btw!

  13. I'm happy if I get 1 comment on a post. Look how many readers you have, commenting daily! So really, I wouldn't take a small dip in traffic. Just do your thing. It's gotten you this far!

    I've been loosing public followers lately. I chalk it up to the fact that my blog is a lifestyle blog with lots of topics and sometimes people just get bored if you're not talking about what they're into.

  14. I can't believe how cheap and amazing this dress is. The ribbons on it are so fun!
    I found that my stats dropped and followers did too in the summer months. I mostly just do this for me, it obviously makes me really happy to get followers but that's not why I started I guess? I love your blog and I think you get even more amazing with every post

  15. you my dear have the most amazing frock on ever! I love it with the wedges. w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.
    I wouldnt worry about stats your amazing, it will bounce back. I found my self getting wrapped up in blogging a few weeks ago and then gave it a break and found my self wanting to do it for me again. Its funny how lost you can get. Silly internet.


  16. My stats are down, not in a dramatic way, but considering that I'm posting more frequently and (I think) good content, I'd say they were lackluster. I guess people are on holiday/going to the beach. Kind of a shame since I feel I dress best in the summer and wouldn't mind scoring some extra followers while I'm on my game. ; ) Oh well.

    I do blog for me in the sense that I enjoy it, but I'm always caught with blogging, on the one hand it's my personal blog, but on the other it's getting a larger than I'm comfortable being really personal with, and I also want to segue into other writing opportunities if possible... so hey ho.

    Love the dress, and agreed, dangly bows are a bit annoying!

  17. I think you and I have VERY similar blogging philosophies so I see where you are coming from. It's so so so strange you wrote about this because I was just looking at my own stats with a little disappointment. I blog for myself, but also hope to have readers enjoy and appreciate what I do because I am proud of it. There is nothing wrong with that in my eyes.
    I think it might have to do with summer and people just trying to be away from their computers before school and everything starts back up again.
    But don't worry, your blog is still interesting and I always look forward to reading your posts!
    the dress is adorable and I love the wedges with it!

  18. really cute dress! sorry to hear about the stats, i still visit every day :) i think i mostly blog for myself too, because to see a pretty eye pleasing post that i put together all by myself makes me feel proud :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  19. I love this dress! I wish I had a pretty white sun dress like this, and for that cheap! Bravo!

  20. I blog for a combination of others and myself, I like to entertain people/ grow my online voice! I think you are doing great girl, you are one of the few bloggers i've seen that always has a smile on your face and seems to truly enjoy what you're wearing!

    La Petite Marmoset

  21. blog is still pretty young and my traffic has been increasing gradually since I started it, but I have noticed that it hasn't been increasing as rapidly over the past two months. I just figured I was hitting some sort of plateau or that people were on vacation.

    Anyway, I love your blog, and it's one of the few that I REALLY enjoy reading in addition to viewing the outfit photos. I feel like your style is so relatable and accessible too.

    I wouldn't blog if I didn't enjoy doing it for myself, but of course I care what other people think. That's only human! I don't think you should feel bad about wanting people to like your blog.

    And before I go: great idea to change the straps on this dress. Dresses that tie at the shoulders drive me crazy! I may have to try this trick if I come across a dress I like with tie shoulders.

  22. You shouldn't care, love. Quality over quantity.

  23. Wow, you look absolutely amazing! I am completely in love with your dress and sandals!!! So chic and elegant, love your style! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  24. you know we don't have the same style, but i am a huge fan of your style identity! you know what you want and you are not afraid to show it! i always have been a fan of outside shoots! you in the fields is just perfect to me, it emphasizes your look! so no, to me the quality has not gone down at all!

  25. het zal wel niet aan de inhoud / foto's / outfits liggen want die zijn super! doe gewoon zo voort :)

  26. Het ligt zeker niet aan wat je bengt op je blog, de inhoud is fantastisch! Misschien komt het doordat de mensen in de zomermaanden op reis gaan, vaker weggaan van huis, en dus minder voor hun scherm zitten?

    Er is zeker geen reden om aan jezelf te twijfelen!

    PS; Die box-bag is gewoon super! ;)

  27. Sinds het begin van de zomer merkte ik het ook op, dat mijn stats lager waren. Maar de blogwereld én twitter waren beide gewoon precies dood... Dat was de eerste keer dat ik het echt zo saai vond! Dus het is denk ik te wijten aan het feit dat het zomer is, mensen zitten meer buiten of zijn op vakantie.... En we love your blog, so don't worry! Je biedt inderdaad leuke foto's en toffe teksten aan!

    No harm in bloggen voor jezelf, want dat is wat ik ook doe. OKé, ik probeer ook wel meer outfit posts te doen, omdat ik weet dat mensen dat graag zien, maar soms heb ik er gewoon de tijd niet voor...

    Anyways, ik kan niet wachten tot het volgend event, to see each other again ! :D I need some Annebeth!!!!

  28. I think its probably just the hols. Stats tend to increase significantly by mid Sept :)

  29. I read every post and love the new picture quality and your writing style. But to be honest, I miss the variety of outfits a bit. You always used to mix and match everything in your closet, but since a few weeks or so, there are a lot of outfits like: summerdress+sandals+bag. They are all lovely, but as I said, I like a bit more variety.

    But you shouldn care too much about the stats, it's your blog and you should post what you like! Not what we would like to see on you.

  30. You're not the only one, sweets, my stats are crappy too!
    Guess it's the fact that everyone's on a holiday or something...

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  31. First up, you look adorable! I really need to get me some heart shaped sunnies... And stats wise, mine have dropped lately, but thats because I've been busy and so unable to blog/comment as much as usual. I wouldn't worry if I were you, these things have ups and downs and your blog is fantastic!

  32. Sorry to hear about the stats, i don't really know but does it count feeds? I always read via feeds.

    As for content its perfect! I love you photos and I love that you're a real person! so many blog seem boring when everything is overly fake and perfect. I love yours just as it is. The only thing I don't like is that i can't go to this magical T2 place myself.

  33. I do agree your pics & outfits are greater than ever. I'm thinking Summer is a down season for blogging for sure, we are much more likely to spend hours on the computer when it's cold outside and the beach is closed...

    I adore this look anyhow, 3 euros like really, I can't believe it! They seem in such great condition too! You have the best thrifted dress collection in the world, hands down.

    Gooooorgeous! I love rye so much too, the color and texture, so beautiful.

    I adore this look and the whole art direction of these pictures Annebeth. One of my favorite outfit post for sure!

    Virginie ♥

  34. don't worry about it, just blog what you like and about what you like and the like-minded will read!

  35. I think the dropped stats are just because of summer-time. I know I've had a hard time keeping up with blogs the past couple weeks because of back-to-school shenanigans. Your content is always great! So don't worry!

    I really love this dress you found. It looks amazing on you! So cute

  36. Hey Annebeth!
    Ik denk dat het echt ligt aan het feit dat het zomer is, hoor! Vanaf september/oktober zal je die stats weer de hoogte in zien schieten :)
    Nog een vraagje over je 'DIY on the straps': Heb je die achterkant er ook bij gefrabiceerd? Ik heb ook een kleedje waarvan ik de bandjes er achteraan wilde aan (laten) naaien maar daar zit de achterkant een heel stuk lager. I'm a bit confused :)
    En kan je me het T2 concept een keertje uitleggen? Ik was gisteren in de Lange Klarenstraat en alles was er een euro! Blijkbaar gebeurt dat om de 5 weken maar hoe the hell weet je dat? Volgens mij hebben ze niet echt een profi website en hun FB pagina is ook al een eeuwigheid niet meer geüpdatet... Is die in de Kammenstraat anders/beter?
    Thanks for answering!

  37. favorite dress of yours up to date, and I've been following you a long time now (maybe a year?)