A GREET Saturday

Today I met up with my gurl Greet (pronounced great, ha!), we goofed around in stores and shopped some vintage shiz, and after our shopping appetites were satisfied, me and my love went to Zaowang for the best sushi in my life. So stay put for pics of

- my awesome outfit (because modesty never got anyone anywhere)
- silly mugging
- and SUSHI

First, outfit!

I bought this beautiful seventies blouse for 3 euro yesterday when I went to check out T2 for my monthly T2 EPIC SALE shopping. I love the pointy collar and the print, it reminds me of dried flowers my mom used to put in her flower arrangements. The skirt was bought yesterday too, for 7 euro in the Zara sales. I bought one other GORGEOUS dress I can't wait to show with y'all, but you'll have to wait! I want to do the dress justice and take beautiful pics so be patient.

Me and Greet messed around in Zara Home. We were not supposed to sit on the bed but it was so inviting! We ALMOST took a little nap.

Time for silly faces!

Look at those stupid faces. Greet is about as weird and funny as me, but cuter. Even though I'm smaller. I've been feeling incredibly tiny lately, don't know what is up with that.

She hated her outfit but I think she looks adorable.

This is me looking "dreamy"

But now


We were sat down in this beautiful green house and ordered a SUSHI BOAT GAH


Lord knows my boat fetish is only rivaled by my collar fetish, so this is heaven for me.

I can still taste that gloriously soft and juicy salmon.

parka, socks, satchel: H&M
blouse: T2
skirt: Zara
boots: ASOS
ring: Alex Monroe
nailpolish: Model's Own


  1. those are the dqys you never ever want to forget!!!!!!!

  2. duuuude door uw foto's heb ik ALWEER zin in sushi! Ik eet tegenwoordig echt niks anders meer.. BUT IT'S SO GOOD! Nog nooit bij Zaowang geweest, ik heb altijd zin in sushi in het begin van de week, en op maandag is het daar blijkbaar sluitingsdag.. Een andere aanrader is Sushi Palace, in het verlengde van de Kammenstraat, seriously best sushi van heel Antwerpen. YUM! Ok genoeg gepraat over sushi, i'm drooling. Jij zag er ook leuk uit natuurlijk, comme toujours!

  3. looove, love the pics of food! great! amazing shoes!:)

  4. hehe messing around in the displayes at zara sounds like fun and you both look great :) What an awesome blouse - quite the find!

  5. Yay sooo much fun! I love both of your outfits! :D
    Woohoo for sitting on things when you aren't supposed to, haha, always fun times

  6. Leuke foto's
    en omg Wat een sushi!!!!!!! Het ziet er heerlijk uit

  7. Een vriendinnendagje kan soms zo heilig zijn!

  8. You're killing me with this amazing looking sushi, theres no good places where I live!! It's depressing!
    I love your outfit, so 70s chic, the button up denim skirt is so perfect with the top. Looks like a fun day!!

  9. I love that 70's shirt, it is soo pretty. The photos turned out lovely, your friend and you look so pretty :)

    and the food looks yum!

  10. DAMN die sushi ziet er lekker uit, de volgende keer dat T2 een sale houdt gaan we daar naartoe! :-D Hele snoezige outfit ook!

  11. You and your friend are both so pretty and cute, I love both of your outfits! Impossible that she actually hated hers! Looks like a fun day, I've never seen such a cool looking sushi restaurant w/ the huge greenhouse like windows, or sushi served in a boat platter.

  12. Dju, ik ben ook naar die sale in T2 geweest. Was ik u maar voor geweest dan had ik nu ook zo'n mooie blouse ;).

  13. Aw thanks for being the sweetest sweet in the sweetbag. You looked so cute, I love spending time with you bro!

  14. It looks like you had such a nice day! I've actually never had sushi, but it looks so yummy in your photos! Also, anything served in a miniature boat sounds like something I'd like to eat haha.
    Anyway, I love your outfit! Your boots are adorable :)

  15. cute outfit

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  16. oh my golly gosh. I just had sushi last night in a boat as well but not as EPIC as that. that is not a boat, dear. that is the TITANIC. hahah you and Greet are so lovely. :)


  17. you two a so adorable! i love both your outfits! and what deals you find! i've never seen a sushi boat before! looks delicious!

  18. Heehee. What fun post! I too love sushi, well, veggie sushi, if that counts. And friends plus sushi is a great combination. You both are looking quite fine. :D

  19. your friend is gorgeous!! also i love your blouse a lot hun, and the sushi does look amazing.

  20. I was so unaware that there was a Zara home! Amazing! I love this outfit, it is so chic and fresh!

  21. omg, sushi! Had het tot een maand geleden nooit gegeten maar nu helemaal verslaafd :)
    En hele coole outfit, misschien moet ik deze week nog eens de T2 sale gaan checken...

  22. you look soooper cute, the food looks so yummy too (food boat!?!)
    I am jealous of zara!


  23. I LOVE YOUR BLOUSE! It's so awesome, I am also a big fan of pointy colours. You styled it perfectly with a denim and brown combination! Sounds like you two had a lot of fun, I love Greet already! :D

  24. Hoi,
    Wat is het adres van T2 in Antwerpen? Thx!

  25. Wow, mooie blouse! Ik moet precies dringend nog eens naar T2.
    Die foto's met je vriendin zijn trouwens echt tof :D

  26. Die blouse is zo mooi, en dat voor 3 euro?! De sushi ziet er heerlijk uit :)


  27. Hoi Tiny! Ik ga altijd naar de T2 in de Lange Klarenstraat, als je afslaat op de meir net na de disneystore dan loop je er zo tegenaan. Die in de Kammenstraat is ook leuk!

  28. Leuke outfit heb je weer aan!


  29. Wow superbloes! Echt prachtig! :)
    Sushi ziet er ook echt lekker uit, ik krijg er ook weer zin in. ;)

  30. first of all: OH MY GOD! That is the most sushi I have ever seen :O. Secondly: That outfit is too awesome :)

    Great post, I now have a HUUUUGE smile on my face.

    xxx irinja (1milliondresses.blogspot.com)

  31. this is hands down my fav outfit from you! i LOVE it!!! the shirt, the boots, the bag... just all of it. perfect!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  32. Damn. I lovvve this outfit (awesome blouse and skirt) and I now really really want sushi. In a boat, obviously. Great post miss!

  33. So cool that you know Greet!
    She's won my give away last year. :D

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  34. The print and collar of that blouse are awesome! the boat of sushi looks heavenly as well... mmmmmm

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  35. Oooh I love that 70's blouse! I wish I could wear more button-downs but my bosom decides otherwise :(

    I'm not even that big a fan of sushi but those photos... omnomnom. I do love some good octopus sashimi though.