Forever 21 H 2 T

H2T modelling is, as ANTM lovers will know, head to toe modelling. So my title basically means I'm dressed in F21 head to toe! Well, technically, that's not true. My shoes are from Lotta from Stockholm, but my cardi, skirt, top and headband are F21 so dude c'mon, quit nitpicking already! 

At the ginormous Forever 21 Antwerp store I shopped my little heart out. I wasn't IN LOVE with anything I put in my shopping bag at first, but that's probably because I was more on the lookout for stuff that I would wear time and time again: basics rather than crushes. But when I tried the pieces on, I did develop tiny little crushes, especially regarding the knitwear! 

This mustard-y cardigan with elbow patches has just the right amount of grandma-ness to it, totally love it. The quilt-denim-skirt just has a great fit and swirly capacity, the headband with bow was something I had been looking for for ages (surprisingly hard to find in our post-Blair Waldorf society!) and the top is just the ideal double for one of my favorite tops, this one, which I wear all the time. So yeay, I'm happy!

I guess this proves it's perfectly possible to create a retro inspired outfit even when shopping at F21 :-) Don't mind my greasy hair btw, I was too lazy to wash it AGAIN. I hate washing my hair, I HATE it. It takes ages and then you have to wait for it to dry, and I always lose loads of hairs when washing. When I had short hair I never noticed any hair loss but whenever my hair gets longer it seems like I lose ALL my hair. Now, it doesn't seem any thinner, but the amount of hairs I lose while washing always worries me! Or am I just being crazy again? How many hairs do you long locked ladies lose while washing? :-D

PS: ignore my sour face plz, I was just tired, but I thought my hair looked adorbs later that evening so I took a picture and here it is.

Lavender Dress After Alteration

You might remember me wearing this dress a while ago and talking about altering it. Well, I did, and here is the in-between result! I think I'm going to shorten it just a bit to just covering the knee, and I might take in the bodice a bit more. My alterations often happen slowly but steadily! As you can see, I took a stab at wearing socks again too. I think I'm getting better at this but I'm probably just getting used to the look of it. It's all in the mind, people!

I attended the Forever21 opening in Antwerp yesterday (for pics, just visit my post on the Brussels opening, the store looks virtually the same but bigger and with men's and plus size dept). We got a giftcard of 50 euro to spend on lovely stuff at the shop so I prowled the (HUGE shop) like I was on a mission, which surely, I was. I ended up getting a lovely mustard cardigan with elbow patches, a lace look knit top, a denim midiskirt with a patchwork effect stitched in and a very cool knit sweater in blues and reds. Also, two headbands with cute little bows. Yeah, I went a bit crazy, but I hardly ever shop at highstreets anymore and these were all pieces I know I'll be wearing a lot: I LIVE in midi skirts and cardigans and I had been looking for some lovely bow headbands and a lace top to suit my fancy since forever so I don't feel guilty! I'm sure I'll be going back, the prices are just a bit lower than at H&M and there is just so much choice. Sadly, not the epic F21 chunky mary janes, but my chance will come! Full outfit coming soon :-)

Fall has totally set in over here. Two nights ago I was so cold I needed to put on my flannel pajamas and snuggle up to my boyfriend and there are already yellow leaves on the ground. Strangely, even though I have been bitching about summer being a total suckfest, I am looking forward to fall. I can't wait to layer my little heart out and go for warm oranges, browns, blues and mustards again. Summer was a let down, but the transitional seasons never let us down! Fall won't be surprisingly dry and warm, I'm sure. Ha!

dress: T2 vintage
socks: H&M
headband: don't remember
shoes: traded with friend

And because I am me: foodporn!


Old Cars

A few weeks ago on a very hot Sunday, my town was the host to an old car convention. Now, I might not strike you as the kind of girl that likes old cars, but let me tell you: I am. I dream of one day owning a Ford Mustang in baby blue with light brown seats, so when I spotted some Ford Mustangs and other pretty pretty cars right across from our door I ran upstairs to put on a pretty retro frock and demanded that my boyfriend would take me out TO SEE THE CARS
Luckily, he loves them too. Hope you enjoy!

I spotted this awesome little Beetle and I got to sit in it and shiz, the owner was so nice! Look at me muggin' all cheesy with my cat eye sunnies!


The streets would look SO much prettier with old cars everywhere!

Yep, those are my legs standing right next to a Ford Mustang. GEEKING OUT my legs are so lucky!

There was this huge picnic for owners and lovers of old cars going on on our town square, and there was this old icecream truck with those big golden toppers to keep the ice cream chilled like in the movies! And the ice cream scoopers wore boater hats and striped aprons! It was awesome!

dress: H&M
espadrilles: New Look
sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Crisp White Shirt and Red Stripes

Ola chicas! I have enjoyed a quiet day of eating good food (read on for some pizzaporn), working and having fun with my housemates (PILLOWFIGHT). Sadly, my cats seem to have misplaced my camera's remote control so now I'm kinda bummed about that. Buy a new one or look for it some more? I can't really miss it, taking pictures with timer is such a pain in the ass, and I think I've looked everywhere. My stupid cats must have been playing with it so it could be anywhere right now, since my cats are known to grab things in their mouths and take it with them to wherever their kittenmittens will take them. GAH

Anyway, these are pictures of a few days ago when the weather was quite nice. Some last days of semi-summer must be enjoyed to the fullest! I grabbed my crazy cd-head-french-nautical-guys skirt and paired it with something simple yet interesting: my sleeveless white shirt with a blue rose printed collar. It's all in the details, and lord knows I dig my attention grabbing collars! A little birdie at my internship told me these standout collars will get even trendier next summer, so yeay, I'm ahead of the pack!

Not to brag or anything, but did you notice my skin looking especially healthy the past few weeks? I have been looking for a better make up routine for my skin, trying out some different kinds of foundations and powders and I finally settled on a mix of Maybelline satin liquid foundation and Nivea foundation (to get as close as possible to my own complexion), finished off with some transparent mineral powder and I'm really loving it. It looks so natural and sometimes I really seem to glow! Of course, the proof is in the pictures. 



Same place, roughly same time of day and same light. I find it astonishing how my face reflects SO much more light, and how much clearer and smoother my skin looks (pay attention to my forehead especially). My new make up makes me look photoshopped! :-D I have a deep set eyes which equals dark circles under my eyes and very sensitive skin, prone to redness, blotchiness and flaking on my forehead. I ALWAYS wear make up because I hate how uneven my skintone is without it, so finding the right skincare and make up is a big deal to me. I want to take care of what I got yo!

shirt, skirt: T2
espadrilles: New Look - I've been wearing these non stop, SO comfy and cute and only cost me 7 euro! wish I had gotten them in all the different colors
ring: Alex Monroe

Ending wittttth foodporn! Pizza from our FAVORITE pizzaplace, Quattro Stagioni in the Roomstraat in Lokeren. Seriously, everyone remotely close to Lokeren should just go and get pizza there as they are the best pizzas I have eaten all my life, and SO affordable! I ordered the Americana: two pizzas on top of each other. Because the only thing better than one pizza is two pizzas fo sho

Gingham and Leaves

Dude, do I ever wear any colors besides navy, red and white? I should really broaden my color horizons.

I guess I'm dressed in preparation of my job tomorrow: I'm taking the train to Amsterdam to visit Sneakerness as part of my internship! I'm interviewing the people behind the event and I'm going to report on the world behind the sneaker subculture: sneakers as collector's items and as a way to reach credibility. I know next to nothing about that subculture so I'm sure tomorrow will be interesting and challenging! I'm meeting up with my brother who lives in Amsterdam as well. My entire family lives all over the place so whenever we get the chance to meet, we're superhappy. I'll probably have dinner with him and his wife, yeay!

BUT yeah I'm kind of nervous about tomorrow. However, I'm sure those nerves will clear right up when I get to work over there, I always enter this flow where I feel confident about my abilities and shiz. But before I get there, I am nervous as FUCK. I check the weather report and the train schedule five billion times, I think about the right outfit way too long, I prepare my bag beforehand, I go over the contents of said bag a gazillion times ... But that's normal, right? RIGHT?

shirt, skirt, belt: T2 vintage
clogs: Lotta from Stockholm
headband: old