Milkbraid vol. 2

With my hair getting longer and longer, I've been feeling inspired to try out some new hairstyles. Lord knows I'm a huge fan of the milkmaid braided hairstyles, but my hair was a bit too short to do it properly when braiding down. HOWEVER, it suddenly dawned on me that I might as well braid them UPWARDS! That way, your hair is always longer, unless you have a mullet. Hey, I'm not judging, whatever floats your boat. Anyway, I basically made two messy french braids in my hair while holding my head upside down (yes, I was actually braiding my hair with my head between my legs), and crossed them on top of my head, pinning them under the other braid to create my OSSUM hairstyle.

Looks cool, right? I'm so glad my hair is long right now. Is my explanation even SORTA clear? I should really do a video tutorial but I have no idea how to film myself braiding my hair with my head between my legs!! :-D This is a great step by step explanation of french braiding, that's what I did on both sides of my head, but with my head upside down, starting at the nape of my neck. Doesn't matter if you're doing it messily, if it looks a bit crappy you can just use bobby pins to straighten it out, that's what I did! :-D And it looks a lot harder than it is, I am by no means a hair or braiding expert and I put this together in two minutes or something. ANYWAY I have my first exam tomorrow and even though I know I prepared sufficiently, I'm starting to stress out a tiny little bit, so I'm leaving y'all now to go over the last bit of my notes! Wish me luck :-)

skirt: T2 vintage
top: DIY H&M
glasses: Claire's
clogs: Lotta From Stockholm e-shop
ring: Alex Monroe
nails: Hema

PS: my birthday is Thursday and my boyfriend is stressing out about finding me a present, so sweet! :-D

Little House On The Prairie

Finally, the debut of my third colorful vintage dress! Check out the other ones here and here. Which one's your fave? :-) I can't pick, I love all of them equally! the colors, the silhouettes, the VINTAGENESS, gah!

Now, this outfit is SLIGHTLY out of my usual style. Not noticably so, but usually I go for 50s-60s-70s outfits, while this one does fit the 70s look but in a way that was already retro inspired back in the 70s if you catch my drift. Sorta 70s does Little House on the Prairie, right? :-D LUVZ IT.

Admit it, I could totally be sitting there with those bright faced kids in my dress.
I used to love those kind of shows. Anyone used to watch Snowy River: the McGregor saga?? Australian settlers, including Guy Pearce and Josh Lucas who were absolutely hot. Guy Pearce was the good guy, Josh was the bad guy, guess which one I thought was the hottest?

ok he looks kinda gross in this pic but trust me, he was hot!

Anyway, I modernized the dowdy (I'm totally into dowdy these days) dress with espadrilles and a polkadot belt, but kept the country feel with the straw bag. Kinda love how sweet all of this looks. I've really been feeling ultra soft looks lately, not a rough edge in sight. Am I overcompensating for my prickly demeanor (teehee) or is it just my true colors showing? ;-) 

I've got my first exam this wednesday and I'm totally procrastinating and chilling so I really need to do SOMETHING now, or I'll feel like more of a slacker than I already am.

dress: T2 vintage
espadrilles: River Island
bag: Pimkie
belt: came with another T2 dress
ring: Alex Monroe

PS: I've been trying out some new hairstyles and I'll be posting the first one tomorrow! I really should do a video tutorial but I suck at video editing and shooting  and I put my hairstyles together in the most random, messy ways so I would just advise everyone to try it out and don't be afraid to experiment! Haha look at me rambling on while I haven't even shown you the hair yet. Well, you'll have to wait and see! Hint: milkmaid braids... ;-)

PPS: can someone buy me these please?
 Get them at River Island. So Chanel!

Hi Sailor

Hey guys! I did a guestpost over at Charlotte's blog, go check it out! Just a simple little outfitpost :-) And I'm not actually 24 yet since it got published sooner than I thought (haha this will totally make sense when you read the guestpost), but my question still stands: is a sailor dress like the one I'm wearing there too childish/costumey, and how can I keep it fashion instead of fetisj? Or should I just stay away from dresses like this alltogether? :-D

Tips are welcome!

Also, thanks so much for all your feedback on yesterday's post. Don't forget to check it out and chime in if you haven't already, I love reading your opinions!!

Rape Society

Ok, so this look isn't 100% me, but I love it anyway. It feels like something Paulien would wear, and I love that chick's style so all is good! I might go for something like this in the summertime to class or something, I always turn to either 70's or 90's dressing on lazy, hot days. This one's more 90's obviously. 

Also, I'm watching some random crime show right now. Guess what the plot is about: yep sinful women getting punished for dressing like "sluts" or for getting pregnant. I am getting SO sick and tired of this shit. Yeah, sure, the murderer is portrayed as a psycho freak, but that doesn't change the fact that these kind of shows are part of a longstanding tradition of society finding rape, murder and humiliation of women "entertaining". There is so much wrong with that crap I don't even know how to start addressing these facts, so I'm redirecting you to an amazing blog that does a great job of explaining rape culture. Check it out here. I hope you take some time to read up on it, clicking through to all the examples she gives etcetera etcetera. Being more aware of this has changed so much for me, and it'd be fantastic if I could make you guys think twice when laughing at slut jokes or being entertained by the umphteenth tvshow/movie about a young, beautiful girl being raped/tortured/murdered by some creep in the street. And be sure to share your thoughts with me! I know my readers are smart enough to comprehend the gravity of this issue. 

Sorry my post today isn't exactly funny or lighthearted, but life isn't always fun and games, right? I hope I will see more awareness and some change during my lifetime.

jacket: H&M
dress: Zara
converse: converse ;-)
bag: River Island

Edit: if anything, read this. 
When I read this quote:
One time, I took an informal survey amongst the women I knew. And every single last one of them had been sexually interfered with before the age of consent. Some far, far worse than others. And there are degrees, I suppose. Some were abused by their fathers, or uncles or brothers or cousins. And their mothers told them to shut up. Some got pregnant. Some became infertile. All were traumatized.

I thought this must have been an exaggeration. Until I read on to see this:

in incidents ranging from exposure (flashing) to penetrative rape.


Society seems to feel the irresistible urge to put sexual assault into neat little boxes. Date rape isn't rape. Being pressured into sexual acts isn't rape. Having to tolerate sexual remarks isn't rape. None of that is really that bad! /end sarcasm. This post really opened my eyes and got me thinking about my own history and that of some people I know.

When I was 16, I was pressured into kissing and touching by an older guy because I felt guilty about "leading him on". I never blamed myself for being pressured as I wasn't traumatized or anything, I just shrugged it off. But it did take quite some time before I mustered up the strength to be angry at that asshole for doing that to me. The few people who knew about it basically felt sorry for him because I dumped his pervert ass after it happened. Heartbroken, yeah right. I was sexually assaulted by him, and I am glad that through time I have come to realize that it WAS in fact serious and not just something I should "get over". I feel like a lot of women have unresolved issues because they have a hard time pinpointing or naming what happened to them. I'm here to tell you that NOTHING is too minor to be called sexual abuse. If it feels wrong, if it makes your stomach turn, if you keep going on and on about it inside your head: it IS wrong. It is to this day the only thing in my life that I regret. It reminds me of how childish I was. The fact that I still feel like it was a mistake I made, means I still feel partly responsible. I hope someday I won't.

When I was 17, I was walking the dog one day. We lived in a pretty deserted area with only a few houses. I was approached by a creepy guy on a bicycle who started making sexual remarks. He kept cycling by our house when I got home. When my parents notified the police, they told them they knew the guy from other, similar complaints, but that he wouldn't do anyone any harm. Yeah, police is there to protect ya.

When I was 18, I was riding a train. I was alone in a compartment, except for one other guy. He started rubbing his crotch while looking at me lustfully. I tried to ignore him at first, but when we actually made eye contact and he didn't seem fased AT ALL by me noticing what he was doing, I was SO pissed off I actually just told the guy he should be fucking ashamed of himself for being a pervert. He was startled, but started doing it again after a few minutes. When I noticed this, I told him I was going to get the trainconductor if he didn't stop his bullshit right now. He apologized and left the train at the next stop.

I'm not even starting about my experiences with creepy sexual behavior online, or the dudes grinding slash dancing on me the few times I went to a party when I was a teen, or the countless times some classmate grabbed my ass/stroked my leg/made sexually demeaning remarks between the age of 10 and 14.

My sister was still a very young teen at about 12 years old when some old dude threw her a sexual remark on the street.

Point I'm trying to make is that sexual abuse is everywhere. Looking it in its perverted eyes is enormously empowering, and if everyone would be OPEN about disapproving even the slightest form of sexual abuse (f.e. grabbing someone's ass at a party), our daughters might not be confronted with it. I hereby pledge I will ALWAYS choose the side of the victim of even "subtle" sexual abuse. Abuse is abuse, just like you can't just murder someone "a little".

Feel free to share opinions or experiences. Sorry this post is a total incohesive rant.

I was partly inspired by Angie's post on her experience with sexual abuse too, check it out here.

Bright White Ballerina

So here's the simple little look I put together to attend the Kirilove Teaparty yesterday! When your dress is as pretty as this one, you don't need a hell of a lot more to make for a pretty look. Or at least that's my opinion :-) The embroidery, the back, the full skirt, the fitted top: safe to say I'm in love. River Island is hitting ALL my marks with their retro silhouettes!

My most loyal readers might remember me dreaming about this dress a few months ago, but sadly it never reached our local River Island in Antwerp. UP UNTIL LAST WEEK!! I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this stark white beauty hanging on the racks, and of course I pounced on that shit like a mouse on stinky cheese. I mean, AFFORDABLE (about 50 euros) retro style dresses with this much detail (the pleats, the embroidery) don't come knocking on your door every five minutes you know? Not buying this one would have been really dumb. And since I am a smart girl, of course I had to take the plunge and buy. This dress really reminds me of a gorgeous little white, flower embroidered dress from back when I was a baby. I kept using it to dress up my dolls when I got bigger, completely in love with the white confection. I guess my taste hasn't changed much since then! Or do I just dress like a 4 year old? If that's the case, at least I dress like a STYLISH 4 year old! ;-)

dress: River Island
sandals: Sac D'Anvers
watch: ASOS
ring: Alex Monroe
nailpolish: Model's Own @ River Island
flower headband: Etsy (little honey pies)

I'm not actually farting in that last pic, the wind was just blowing really flatteringly! :-D


Picture overload coming up, people! I was invited to the KiriloveXVeroModa launch of Belgian style icon Tiany Kiriloff's capsule collection for the Danish highstreet label. The invitation said "high tea party" so I wore a pretty dress, and was SUPER excited to meet all the other lovely fashion bloggers who were invited! Check out the promo video here, and I hope you enjoy my picture report! I really need a decent camera yo.

Let me start with some pics of the venue and the delightful bites of fingerfood!

chic bloggers
look at that ceiling! I basically want to live there. I contemplated just hiding under the table and keeping the venue for myself, but I got hungry so my priorities shifted to this:
mouth watering yet?
most amazing china EVER
I enjoyed the prosecco just a bit too much
even the paintings were dressed to impress!
fashionable folk mingling, Kim in the middle
couldn't get my camera to focus properly, but the bright nails are so cuuuuute
beautiful Tiany with two models, all dressed in her collection! on the left we have a business slash schoolgirl look with pretty white socks and a little navy dress, in the middle we have Tiany in a perfect colorblocked outfit (loving the neon bright orange peter pan collar shirt), and on the right a more relaxed boho look. The cardigan was a blogger favorite! Can't get over Tiany's shoesssss

Tiany's kids got all of our hormones collectively screaming BABIES NAO PLZ. Also, I wanted their pretty little eyelet dresses for myself. The presence of Tiany's little princesses and her mom really set the mood, as did her speech: intimate, earnest, humble and passionate. Inspiring, very inspiring.

Krizia in a lovely fifties skirt + cropped leather combo
Famous stylists Yani and Lien drooling over the colorblocking pieces, and a hot waiter in the back
Tiany's message for everyone present :-)
Kim being boho chic
Catherine's awesome dino hairclip
Bie trying on THE ultimate blogger favorite: the lammy coat. WANT

very blurry, but I loved how the kids almost look like little Renoir ballerinas in the setting ;-)

oooooooh those shoes!

I loved the event, loved the people, loved the inspiration, loved the love. The Kirilove collection will be available in stores come September!

I'll end my post with a tiny teaser for my outfit on the event, I'll post that one tomorrow :-)

 credits last pic: Mrs K ;-)
I went for simple romance!

How are you liking the collection?