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Just got home from work!
 dress, belt: h&m
shoes: new look

New shoes (clogs!), belt and dress and I am IN LOVE
I bought loads of new stuff yesterday at H&M, they have SO many gorgeous vintage inspired dresses in their new collection! And they all have SLEEVES! I have no idea why most highstreet stores make it so hard for us to find dresses with sleeves. Sleeves make a dress look like, a gazillion times better than say, spaghetti straps. More expensive for one, and more classy too. A lot more sophisticated. I also bought a poncho I am madly in love with. At 19.95, I call it quite a bargain. The way it drapes makes it looks like a million bucks. When I try stuff on, I always ask myself "does this make me look richer than I actually am?". Not because I want to look like one of those spoiled little rich girls but because, let's face it, expensive clothes are prettier than cheap clothes. I don't want my fake leather to look like fake leather, and I don't want my prints to look like they've been washed a million times. I strive for a bit of sophistication (that word again) in my appearance. Refined but fun. Fashion conscious, but not a slave of trends. 
 Dresses with sleeves and ponchos apparently make me feel sophisticated. But my very favorite buy of the day was this adorable cute little dress, easily one of the prettiest things H&M has had in years. I'll show you guys tomorrow how pretty it actually is, it's not listed online. It's silky with black/white stripes and it looks so much more expensive than it is! Last week, a girl entered the shop I work at, and I immediately loved her look from head to toe. She had the perfect Blake Lively-esque mane, and she wore a wellfitted blazer, a Prada bag, pumps with an interesting, architectural heel and the cutest skirt I ever did see. I immediately imprinted the design in my mind because I thought "when I finally get that sewing machine from my mom, I'm going to copy that skirt". She looked very rich and very very pretty, like a Gossip Girl character. So I didn't even bother asking her where she'd bought that skirt because I wouldn't be able to afford it. You can imagine how OVER THE MOON I was when I noticed that very skirt hanging in our local H&M!!! Seriously, I was like "NO WAY" and I grabbed it and bought it. It looks designer and only cost 24 euro. Style is priceless, and H&M makes me happy every single time.

The shoes were an item I had been contemplating buying for several weeks (seriously, I still have the link to the shoes' page bookmarked). I had browsed the web for clogs for ages, and these were very much the type of shoe I wanted. Something Liebemarlene would wear with one of her adorable vintage dresses and some socks. 
 Too cute, right?

I had been wanting some Liebemarlene style shoes, and these fit the bill perfectly. However, I hadn't been able to visit New Look recently, so yesterday I was anxious to see how the shoes would look like in real life. And I loved them even more. New Look was having sales on their clogs, selling 55 euro clogs for 25, so I almost didn't buy my Liebemarlene shoes (as I have dubbed them by now) as they weren't placed with the marked down shoes, trying on real, full on clogs instead. But the Liebemarlenes had stolen my heart, so I stood in line to pay a bit more. However, when they scanned in my shoes, the sales assistant told me these were marked down too! It was seriously my lucky day. I had almost forgotten how happy one perfect shoppingtrip can make one feel.

I also bought a headband I intend on customizing and two pairs of comfortable sandals. And ALMOST bought this gorgeous army-type navy coat at H&M but at 60 euro, I thought it was way too expensive. Still thinking about it though. I figured it was the type of jacket that wouldn't really sell well around here because of its masculin shape, so I chanced it and am waiting for it to be marked down. Fingers crossed!

OK now I'm closing down my verbal diarrhea. Have a nice day!


  1. Your to cute and funny, Annebeth. I just love coming to your blog and reading your post. I wish Texas had H&M, I would be in heaven. This dress looks amazing on you. I'm glad you found the skirt there as well. I also love the added belt. Have a great day.


  2. thanks so much sweetie! I love it when people like my blogposts :)

  3. Great writing and fun post! I had a crap day and it got a HUGE smile from me. I love the dress, cute print and the belt works really well!!! :D

    What is the the polish on your toes Annebeth? :)


  4. When I tried this dress a few days ago I thought it was your style! So it was quite funny when I just saw you wearing it. It really is lovely with the belt. :)

  5. ps: I couldn't live without H&M either. I'm craving for New Look though. I used to shop there a lot when I lived in the UK, but we don't have it in Austria.

  6. can't you order from new look, Bella? They have pretty reasonable delivery rates! and so funny that you thought of me, I feel honored! :D thanks!

    Kim: there is no compliment better than the one you just gave me! :D and it's from claire's just some hot pink without sparkles or anything. You should be able to find some from any brand though, catrice has great polish in the same color too!

  7. I could order, but I prefer shopping in the actual store. Most of the time I'm between two sizes (shoes and clothes) so I have to try things on. Besides I love shopping in the UK :) New Look, Primark, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins,...all my favourite shops.

  8. Lovely lovely


  9. Oooh jawel! Ik denk dat jij gewoon een broekenfobie hebt! =D Die broek zou je supermooi staan, omdat ik denk dat je best wel groot bent! ^^ want geloof me, als ik rondloop in die broek zonder hakken... nja, dat lijkt gewoon nergens op =D Voor zulke broeken moet je echt wel lang zijn =O

    Haha deze zin is fantastisch: "does this make me look richer than I actually am?" =D En ja hoor! Deze outfit ziet er onbetaalbaar uit! ^^

  10. Anastasia: mijn probleem is vooral mijn gebrek aan taille! Ik ben trotser op de vormen van mijn onderlichaam dan op die van mijn bovenlichaam, dus als ik mijn onderlichaam weg zou steken in die broek zou ik zo weinig over hebben om mee te pronken! :D En de look past ook niet bij mijn imago, denk ik :D

    Bella: H&M is one of those stores that have clothes that run pretty much true to size in my experience! But I agree, I much rather see something on me than going out on a limb and risking buying something that looks like shit when on :D

    minnja: thank you!