My heart is beating like a jungle drum

Only 5 days of work left at my summer job and then I’m alllllll yours again, haha
I love everything about this look: the tribal pink strapless dress, the crisp white vest, the brown accessories and my weird necklace. Heart! The entire outfit makes me think of something I would wear on some dream trip to the middle east, browsing small markets, haggling down prices, eating foreign food without getting food poisoning (told you it's a DREAM trip), patting some camel on the head without having your hands smell of animal the entire week (once again, dream trip)... I'd seduce some Indiana Jones type in this outfit and discover treasures with him, kicking up sand and cracking my whip at some scorpions, eating a monkey's brains... Ok no, wrong movie! Anyway you get the idea.

I bought some nice stuff at Pimkie (the shop I work at) today. Like I told you a while ago, they have this gorgeous collection of nautical and floral stuff which are like, my favorite things, so I bought an amazing double brested coat with nautical details, a floral dress (yes, another one!) and the perfect little floral skirt. Will show you guys one of these days. The coat looks soooo much more expensive than it is and I can't wait to wear it with all my dresses come winter.

And I’m posting my floral headband DIY tomorrow!

 dress, vest, necklace: pimkie
belt: vintage
shoes: new look


  1. "woddaya mean a double breasted coat, i thought you already had two breasts"

  2. I love that dress. Great print.


  3. I love that dress. Great print.