Fashion Dot Dot Dot

 dress, jacket: h&m
shoes: don't remember

This is one of my new H&M dresses! I fell in love with it at sight, when I saw one of our chictopians wearing it. I don’t remember her chictopia nickname, but she has a blog and I just discovered she’s dutch too! And very cute to boot!
I wanted to wear this dress with red because black/white polkadots + very bright red just seems to click in my head, and these shoes are some of my alltime faves. I don’t wear them as often anymore because they are quite old and they are sort of broken at the straps, but I fully intend to fix them up. Sorry for the uninspired photography and poses, I’m pretty dead because of the depressing weather and my summer job. Just three more days of work and I’m off the hook until my new year at Uni starts! I can’t wait actually, I love studying. I’m such a dork.
And I really really have to recommend this dress to anyone who lives nearby a cool H&M. They are supercomfy, superflattering and they come in different prints!


  1. I love this dress, especially with the red and the classic mary jane heels.

  2. You are so right about the pairing of these two pieces. They were made for each other.

  3. Very pretty! love the combo!

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    xx, Channie