Outfit: button through A-line skirt

Outfit: button through A-line skirt, vintage knee high boots

Outfit: button through A-line skirt, a clockwork orange tee
'Precious' gold nail polish bij H&M Beauty
Outfit: button through A-line skirt, vintage knee high boots
H&M Gossamer Lip Stain in Gauzy Mauve
H&M Beauty nail polish in Precious
Outfit: button through A-line skirt, vintage knee high boots

a Clockwork Orange tee: old - skirt: Cooperative via Urban Outfitters - purse: & Other Stories - boots: vintage - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti 

Three things:

1 - this button through skirt. Obviously, A-line button through skirts are all the rage this season. They're literally everywhere, and everytime I saw one of these pop up was an arrow through the heart. A bittersweet feeling, mixing love for the classic, girly silhouette that works so well with sweaters, tights and boots, and regret over having tossed a couple of great vintage button through skirts I used to call my own a few years ago. Truth is, they probably wouldn't even have fit me anymore, but still. I'm too good at purging my wardrobe, and it often puts me in the position where I look back wistfully at those items that have left a hole in my closet. 
Anyways, the search was on: I wanted to find another A-line skirt, preferably button through, and in denim, corduroy or suede. I knew it would be a purchase I could spend a little more on, because this silhouette works really well with my style, and many of my old mini skirts have become too tight since I started skipping my birth control's one week breaks (more about that here). I haven't gained that much weight, but for me it all ends up on my torso so skirts with a non-stretch waist band have become uncomfortable Anyways, I needed some new skirts, and I knew that this one would not be a fling, but a long-term thing. In the end, I found this little beauty (currently on sale!) thanks to a tip from Kallie. It's exactly what I was looking for in fit, length, wash and detailing so I didn't mind spending more than I normally would on a skirt. I'm preparing a post where I round up some of my favourite options, so stay tuned if you want me to do the window shopping for you!

2 - H&M Beauty. As you may know, H&M has launched a new beauty collection which you can shop at selected stores. H&M Antwerp (the one on the Meir near Footlocker etcetera) has a big space at the back of H&M Home dedicated just to beauty stuff, and it's pretty much walhalla for people like me. I swatched my little heart out on my lunch break, and ended up taking home some stuff among which two things you see me wear in this post: that gorgeous golden nail polish, and the lip colour I'm sporting. It's the Gauzy Mauve shade from their Gossamer Lip Stain line. I love both to bits, and they're actually getting me excited for autumn. I mean, the polish will look splending with rich fall colours, and the lip stain makes me look like I've just had a brisk forest walk, but without having to trudge through the mud. WIN WIN. I might do a more in-depth review of these soon.

3 - Uhm. I forgot what I was going to say. WHATEVS HOPE YOU ENJOY THE OUTFIT

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