Travel: beach, bikini and bathing suit at Juan Les Pins

Ugh, the weather today is atrocious, seems more like November than like August. You know what that makes me feel like? Like I need to forget about all of the stress of work and traffic and bills and all that ish and just zone out, dreaming of summer at the Côte d'Azur. Take me back, plz.

& Other Stories fruit print one piece bathing suit

fruit print bathing suit, aqua manicure
Juan Les Pins beach
& Other Stories fruit print bathing suit
Juan Les Pins private beach
Juan Les Pins private beach
Diamanti Per Tutti circle of life ring
swimsuit: & Other Stories - hat, hoop earrings: H&M - ring: Diamanti Per Tutti - sunglasses: ASOS

Since the first place we stayed at was so close to the beach (about a 20 minute drive), we spent two days of our vacation splashing around in the sea. Based on some online reviews, I had picked out Juan Les Pins, a great Antibes beach strip with bars, rentable beach beds at very affordable rates (10€ for half a day, 15€ for a whole day), a funfair, a harbor, restaurants and just a really great, family friendly vibe. The beach was lively during our stay, but not too crowded. We had no problem finding a spot on the public beach with lots of free space around us, and as everywhere along the French Riviera, the amenities are great: public bathrooms, changing rooms and showers are available at the beach, and there's plenty of bars to choose from if you want to get some food. 

We loved it here, and like I had already experienced after Puerto Rico, these little slices of beachy paradise totally spoil crappy Belgian beaches for me :( On our second day, we wanted to experience that real French jetset life and rented some beach beds, spending half a day living lush at a small fee: ordering cocktails, having basically the entire private beach to ourselves, watching the luxury yachts float by in the distance. Would definitely recommend!

Juan Les Pins boardwalk
Blue ombre Calzedonia bikini
Juan Les Pins
blue ombre Calzedonia bikini
Soft serve pistachio ice cream
crochet beach cover-up
crochet beach cover-up
crochet beach cover-up
Crochet cover-up: Vero Moda - hat: H&M - bikini: c/o Calzedonia - sandals: Birkenstock - sunglasses: c/o Polette

Happiness is in the little things, though. You know what I'll never forget about our holiday in France? The fact that, because we were so close to Italy, almost every ice cream parlor had soft serve ice cream/glace Italienne. Soft serve ice cream is my faaaaaaavourite because it's very popular in Holland, but places that sell it in Belgium are few and far between. Imagine my delight at finding it everywhere at the Côte d'Azur, and in a multitude of flavours I'd never had the pleasure of trying! My boyfriend had the most epic soft serve pistachio ice cream. Thing is, I don't think soft serve ice cream can ever taste as good as standing on the boardwalk in the middle of a 37°C heatwave, having to eat as fast as you can to keep it from melting all over your hands.

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