Beauty: Diorshow mascara's new formula with fiber and airlock

A short but sweet post today, telling you about my experiences with this fancy little Dior mascara I received in the mail last week. This Diorshow mascara is a classic, apparently, having been part of the main collection since 2002, but this season brings some interesting innovations. First, the tube now has airlock technology, keeping the formula from drying out. Since the formula is already on the dry side, that will definitely come in handy to make sure your tube will last you as long as possible. Second, microfibers were added that work to build volume and length for your lashes. I was especially interested in that second feature, as I had never tried a fiber mascara before despite having read about them on the web for about at least a year now. Fiber mascaras can make for some crazy before and after shots (go google!), but on the flipside, overzealous use can bring you dangerously close to tarantula leg lash territory. Either way, I was buzzed to try it.

Diorshow mascara with new fiber formula and airlock tube: review

I received this in brown, but it also comes in black. The brush is rather big, and according to the press kit, it was inspired by toothbrushes that professional make up artists use backstage. I usually prefer smaller, shorter bristled brushes because I tend to get mascara all over my face when I use bigger applicators, but for some magical reason I had no problem of that sort when using this brush. Brush gets thumbs up from me! The formula, as mentioned, is on the dry side: not goopy, rather thin, applies easily without clumping of any kind, even when you layer it up. And the effect, well, I'll let that speak for itself.

Diorshow mascara with new fiber formula and airlock tube: review

BAM. Pretty epic, right? This is after two layers. One layer gives great length, a second layer mainly adds volume. I can only imagine how intense and bold the effect would be with black mascara, but either way, I'm convinced.

For a real comparison, let me show you my regular mascara (Maybelline Volum' Express, which I've loved since forever) compared to the Dior one.

On the left Maybelline, on the right Dior. Look at that curl! That supple smoothness! That combination of volume at the roots and wispy long ends! That complete absence of clumps! Next level, man.

I've been using this mascara everyday since I got it and I can wholly recommend it. It remains to be seen how long the tube will last, of course, and at 34€ a pop, it better last a while. I will keep you up to date on how the airlock tube keeps the formula fresh, though, because this is a little winner. And I can tell you I'm picky about mascaras, as I've been going back to my true love Maybelline Volum' Express despite trying different options over the years. This one would have stolen me away, except for that price tag. I need a raise!

Have you tried fiber mascaras? Do you have a holy grail mascara?

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