Leggings, Sneaker Wedges and Shaggy Fur

sweater: Zara - leggings, scarf: H&M - coat, sneakers: Ebay - sunglasses: ASOS

 One of my more subtle outfits, if I may say so myself. Some super elegant shoes, normal pants, a non-paint splattered sweater and a classic coat. Yep, a vision of sophisticated style. Which probably explains why my boyfriend liked my outfit so much.


PS: I totally think my lower face could be Anne Hathaway's when I smile. Seriously, check it out. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

PPS: yes I am way too obsessed with anything Les Mis associated.


  1. Don't stress it babe, you're fab! En ik wil oook nieuwe wedge sneakers en uw jas, afgeven!!!


  2. ik was niet aan het flippen, just joking around :D

  3. Ok fine. You've convinced me. I need sneaker wedges in my life