Yeah, if you follow me ANYWHERE apart from this blog, you've probably already heard me going on and on about getting a haircut. I've booked an appointment on Friday after deciding I needed a change just yesterday, but I can be impulsive like that. On one hand I worry and worry and um and ah about EVERYTHING, but on the other I'm really good at making decisions and standing behind them 100%. I don't think I've ever regretted a haircut, even if it was a bit of a fail. In the end I always enjoy the change and the way change forces me to adapt.

So, you might have gathered an inkling as to what I'm going to look like come Friday night, but I'm going to post this here ANYWAY. Because my blog isn't just something I write for my readers, but also very much like my online diary. It enables me to remember what I wore, what I ate, what I thought, what I did and when all of this went down. Unless I post this here, come summer I won't be able to remember when I cut my hair last. Seriously, I use my blog as a means to remember when to schedule another appointment at the hairdresser's.

Anyway, lemme explain what I'll be going for. Quite a chop actually, since my hair has gotten SO LONG lately. But I feel like the extra centimetres don't contribute anymore. My hair has grown and grown without me really aiming for a goal, just because it didn't bother me and I was curious as to what I'd look like with long hair after having had short or shortish hair since my 18th birthday. But now I'm fed up with that, I want a haircut again! Something sophisticated and bouncy and versatile. And yes, I might have been a TINY bit inspired by miss Polienne's AMAZING new haircut. Just a bit. I'm aiming for shoulder length hair with some choppy layers. YA LIKE?

It's strange, but I feel totally unattached to my long hair. I'm SO ready for something else, even though I don't hate my hair as it is or anything. It's like my mind already has a different haircut, and my exterior is lagging behind a bit. You know?

So, say buh-bye to my superlong hair! I've already said goodbye.


  1. I chopped mine, and I'm loving it! Come visit my newly revamped blog if you get a chance. :)


  2. nu begin ik ook te twijfelen haha! kben er zeker van dat het mooi gaat zijn!

  3. Gaat u goed staan, sowieso :) (en da's alweer minder haar om te wassen)

  4. Ja, schouderlengte!

    Ik ben net zelf kei impulsief langs kapper geweest. Met een foto van Alexa Chung op zak (schouderlengte, laagjes vooraan, lange pony, ombre) als voorbeeld... Nog voor ik deze kon tonen zei de kapster mij "ge zou goed staan met dit" en toonde mij exact dezelfde foto. Creepy maar awesome. Ben zeeer content met korter haar.

    Veel succes dermee.


  5. Eee! I can't wait to see your new hair! I bet it's going to look AMAZING!

  6. Haha zalig! Toen ik 'gettin my hair did' postte bij een foto, wou iemand mijn grammatica verbeteren. :D
    Lente-kapsel <3
    Naomi, x
    Dress your life.