Food for Friday: Salmon, Spinach and Avocado Wraps

TIME FOR NOMZ! I love making this dish when I'm in the mood for healthy and light but creamy flavours and textures. I discovered it by the grace of my own inspiration, walking around in my favourite supermarkt (ALBERT HEIJN FO LIFE). I saw me some salmon, I spotted me some spinach and I wuz like throw in some avocado cuz that shit just works with everything and BAM, I had my wrap fillings. Anyway, to cook it:

- salmon
- spinach
- ripe avocado
- corn tortillas
- some kind of dressing. I have a bottle of mustard-honey-dille dressing that is just PERFECT with this, I bet you could make something similar yourself.
- some lemon juice
- olive oil

Remove the stems from your spinach and chop the leaves up coarsely.  Throw the spinach in your pan after heating some olive oil in there. When the leaves have sufficiently wilted, push them to the side and add your salmon to the pan.

While your spinach and salmon are cooking through, prepare your avocado and wraps. I find that tortilla wraps are by far the tastiest if you heat them in your oven for a minute or 2-3. So, turn on your oven and pop them in. While the tortillas are getting ready, scoop out your avocados, chop them up and put them in a bowl. Sprinkle some lemon juice on top to keep your avocado from going brown.

As soon as all your ingredients are ready, assemble the wrap: put your tortilla on a plate, spread some salmon on there, follow with spinach and top off with avocado and your dressing. Roll that mother effer up and BAM, omz to the nomz.

Bon appetit!


  1. I read the title and my mouth watered and after seeing the photo i just want to devour it! xx

  2. avocado for life <3


  3. daan en ik maken hier in Amsterdam heel veel wraps klaar met vanalles en nog wat ! dit ziet er ook super lekker uit omnomnomnom