Ombre Bleach, Orange Maxi and Tips to use Ebay

top: old - skirt: Ebay - sandals, necklace: H&M - jacket: c/o La Petite Marmoset - bracelets: Village Gallery Design - watch: c/o Swatch tattoo: tattoo for a week

Told you guys I wear this jacket ALL the time. The skirt is one of those Ebay bargains that almost make you feel guilty for buying something THAT cheap and ordering it from Asia. As if it was made by toddlers out of dead kittens or something. I can justify it for myself because the fabric (some kind of synthetic fiber chiffon + some elastic) probably costs less than 1€, but still. I wouldn't make a habit out of acquiring pieces as cheap as this. But I caved because I couldn't find a semi affordable maxi skirt I liked in stores after searching for months. ZARA LET ME DOWN

It comes in a gazillion different fun colors all over ebay, so I suggest you check it out if you're looking for something similar. Ebay is great for stuff like that: I know that most of Ebay's offerings are cheap and of questionable quality, but you can also find things that are a bit different from what you encounter in your local stores. Like my platform converse!

My tips on Ebay:

  •  Use the right search terms. You'll get the hang of it after trial and error. Pay attention to descriptions of items you like and copy those in your search.
  •  If, like me, you don't enjoy a bidding war, just look for "buy it now" items for listings you can buy at a fixed price.
  • gives you more search results than your local, .nl, .de or
  •  Take some time to search: quite often a certain item is listed multiple times at different price points and with different shipping options.
  •  Message the seller to ask for specific measurements if those aren't provided. You often can't rely on the sizes they list to be correct.
  •  Ask the seller to have the package declared as a gift at the post office. This reduces the risk of you having to pay customs.
  •  Don't give feedback until you've received your item, and if it is not to your liking: DO message the seller to work something out. Ebay sellers HATE getting negative feedback. I've once had a package get lost in the mail, and when I told the seller about this they just sent me a replacement free of charge.

Ever bought something from Ebay, or do you have any questions about it? I know a lot of people are scared to order online, especially from Ebay, and I have developed quite some experience with it so if you want to know something: shoot me a line!


  1. Het ombre jasje staat echt leuk met dat oranje!

  2. I'm a true ebay addict, ordered lot's of stuff, cheap and designer, you can find it all. Rarely had problems, one time an item got lost, but got my money back, so no prob.
    That skirt is sooo pretty, the color really does it. I was searching for a maxi too, but found nothing in stores that I liked :(

  3. right there with ya! It's such an easy solution for when you just can't find what you're looking for in real stores.

  4. Superleuke rok, ik ga direct ook een bestellen denk ik! Ik ben echt een ebay verslaafde, je vindt er echt alles dat je in de gewone winkels niet vindt, of voor een supergoeie prijs! Ik check ebay echt elke dag, haha :D Ik begrijp niet dat mensen zo wantrouwig staan tov ebay (en paypal etc), heb nog nooit problemen gehad!

  5. I haven't done the ebay thing yet even though I look on there pretty often. I don't know why. Maybe it just intimidates me that there's so much stuff. Perhaps I'll have to try soon because that orange skirt you're wearing is so fun!

  6. GAH, THIS MAXI IS AMAZING. Sorry that needed cap locks, the colour is fabulous and the material looks really lovely. Great jacket!! I need to start using ebay more methinks.

  7. I actually used to sell on ebay but haven't really tried purchasing stuff. I like the orangeness of your maxi skirt. It drives me peanuts!

  8. Leuke tips! Ik ben zo'n Ebay n00b, heb er nog nooit iets besteld uit schrik om opgelicht te worden of iets dergelijks *paranoid* :D haha

  9. negative feedback is HET dreigmiddel als je bang bent om opgelicht te worden :D

  10. I'm such a cry baby when it comes to Ebay. Semi-ordering stuff and then backing out of it. Damn it, I've already missed out on great things by fear of being scammed. But for items that are that cheap I should take the plunge, right? :-D


  11. you should! and then you'll be hooked!

  12. Jij gaat me nog verslaafd krijgen aan Ebay! ;)
    Naomi -x-