Converse, Bare Stomach

blouse: vintage - sneakers: Converse - jeans: Levi's - jacket, sunglasses: H&M - necklace: Diamanti Per Tutti

I have this theory about trends. Trends usually coincide with major cultural happenings. For example, Mad Men sparked the retro revival that culminated in Louis Vuitton's 2010 50's campaign starring Turlington, Elson and Vodianova, while Black Swan was followed by Chloe's 2011 ballet collection.

It's no secret that athleticism and sports are having their moment in fashion right now. Is that a coincidence, or is the fashion scene simply inspired by this year's number one event: the London Olympics? I totally think that to be the case.

Whenever someone used to ask me what style I preferred, I'd say I dress eclectic and have affection for many different inspirations, but sport was never one of them. In fact, the last time I dressed slightly sporty was in the first three years of highschool. I was a bit of a skater back then. Only in style, that is. Also, in boys. Oh, those skaterboys.

ANYWAY, like you've probably noticed I'm totally into that sporty vibe in style right now. I especially love sports when done either preppy or grungy, kind of like how Converse does it. Converse are the bomb. The sort of shoe you keep replacing when the canvas finally gives in. A trustworthy basic. No wonder this year marks a revival of the Converse trend. I've been thinking of expanding my collection with a pair of Converse Star Players, but until then, my old pair will keep me going.

PS: I was inspired by Jemima Kirke's Jessa in the 9th episode of Girls. Jessa is ALWAYS boho-stylish in a moviestar way, but in this particular episode she was simply wearing denim, a belly baring top and some converse and she looked RADIANT in that non emaciated, non muscular, healthy, gorgeous real girl way. I had to replicate that vibe. This is my version!

I love how she has a hollow back and a protruding stomach like me. We don't all have flat stomachs, even if we're slim! I find it sexy, personally. Jessa is hella sexy. And that hair!

PPS: this random elephant is awesome. HAD to take pictures with it.


  1. Die Levi's blijven de show stelen! Leuke foto!s!

  2. Your blogposts never cease to amaze me. Also, you have such interesting views on society and all that jazz. Ever thought of writing a blog entirely dedicated to those thoughts?

  3. Love that blouse!

  4. aaah that is so sweet of you! I often think of just blogging outfits here and starting something separate for longer written pieces :) I'll let you know!

  5. Great observation! Never thought of it but you got me thinking. Speaking of Converse, my own Chucks are filled with mud. Those are one-of-a-kinds since I redeemed them from Chictopia and it glitters.

    I wore it to watch my boy play football and the field's all muddy. I feel lazy thinking about the clean up and reviva of my now soiled Converse.

    Great look, as always. Love the skin. =)

  6. mine got all muddy a few months ago too, tried to cross a football field that was all wet and soggy and a piece of ground that seemed dry turned out to be some sort of quicksand puddle of DEATH and my foot went all the way into that shit. I sort of cleaned them. Black is forgiving like that :D

  7. sexy ,simple and casual !!i like!!!
    Audrey pour