Hair: DIY Highlights

LIKE MY NEW HAIR? I was sick and tired of the defined ombre I have been rocking for a year and a half now, and I wanted to turn it into something softer and lighter. After a failure at doing it myself last weekend (no result whatsoever), I enlisted my mom and sis for some help to highlight that shit with an at home bleach kit.  

We divided my hair into a couple of rough sections, and then we just slapped the bleach onto separate strands of hair, making sure we'd alternate the interspacing and width of the strands. We completely saturated the ends of those strands, and only lightly stroked some bleach on the lengths up to a few centimeters before the roots. Does that make sense?

My best advice:

1) let your hair get greasy before you bleach, it protects its health
2) use the right kind of bleach: dark hair like mine really does need a strong product if you want to see any change in color
3) use your common sense and THINK of the desired result while brushing on the bleach on strands of hair: even if you're going for a nonchalance in the result, you'll have to work deliberately
4) don't overdo it because you're getting impatient. That's what got me the sort of blotchy result
5) don't worry too much. Your hair won't melt off or die. Hair is dead anyway!

I probably annoyed the crap out of my mom and sis with my constant "AMAGAD MY HAIR WILL SUCK"s, but in the end they did a wonderful job. I LOVE how light my hair is now. Only now do I realize how harsh the dark brown was and how it made me look older. I'm definitely not going back to the super dark hair in a while! In fact, I might even go a bit lighter in a month or so. I just need to even out some blotchy bits on the top of my head and then my highlights will be just perf.

The success of these highlights makes me want to postpone the purple dyejob for a while. I'll still go purple, but not before I'm tired of this look! How do you like it?

Bonus: some photo's of my guy and me goofing around.



  1. Who needs a hairdresser when we've got our moms, huh?! :D Loves it, benieuwd hoe het lichter gaat eruit zien!

  2. Aw you two are so adorable and you look so genuinely happy! I'm also loving your new hair. The lighter color is much softer and is really flattering. I like it!

  3. Your hair looks so pretty! But I especially love seeing pictures of you and your boyfriend. You always look SO happy with him, and it's just adorable!

  4. Oh het is zo mooi! Ik wil ook :( Volgende week komt een vriendinneke mij bezoeken in lisboa, ik zal haar aan het werk moeten zetten!

  5. Je haar is echt mooi! Staat je goed het lichtere, idd je ziet er jonger uit! Super leuke foto's met je Boy!

  6. doooooen! als je tips nodig hebt, drop me a line!

  7. ik snap dat je het mss wel beu aan het worden bent, je bent ook een van de eersten dat ik weet die ombre deed.
    Kheb het recent zelf ook gedaan, heel naturel en met een niet zo bijtend product. Ben heel benieuwd hoe het lichtere resultaat zal zijn.
    En lieve en mooie foto's met uw lief , i love it when a blog is so personal ;) xx

  8. Uw haar is echt mooi <3 en schattige foto's met uw lief! x

  9. Zoooo mooi! En wat een leuke foto's van jullie tweetjes, zien er zo gelukkig uit!

  10. I haven’t seen your old hair color, but I can say that this one looks
    good and it doesn’t seem like it came from a bad hair job. Your mom and
    sister can become hair experts with how pretty your hair looks now! Just
    take care of it using some natural products so it can recover from the
    bleaching. So, are you a purplehead now or are you still enjoying this


    Stela Dimitrov

  11. you can see my old haircolor in my other pictures :) thank you! and no, still in love with the highlights! but one day I'll totally go purple :D