Pistachio, Tartan and Pink

sweater, coat: Think Twice vintage - skirt: gift, vintage - tights, hat, mittens: H&M - creepers: Sacha

I just about froze my fingers off taking these pictures, for real. My right hand was swollen and red and kept throbbing for hours after my short stint outside because the wind was SO sharp and cold. My camerabag almost flew away! I felt like a total idiot taking my outfitpictures in the cold and it almost made me QUIT OUTFITBLOGGING ALTOGETHER. Only for a few minutes though, chillax!

The colors here are weird but I really like them together for some reason. Not something I would put together in theory but in reality it works! Pastels + some darker shades evoke spring, even though it seems as if winter has only just begun around these parts.

I hope your weekend was lovely! We spent a fun afternoon with my sister and her boyfriend and just finished a late night dinner. Don't forget to check out my post about feminism and extremism, it would mean a lot to me if you'd leave your feedback too! :-)


  1. You are so awesome, mixing up winter and autumn with your pastels and tartan!! Looking amazing as always =D

  2. Oh man, it looks totally freezing there. I thought I was going to pass out cycling home at -2 tonight, but clearly I was just being a wimp.

    In other news, legggggggs. Hehe, I'm totally happy with my body and everything, but in another life I still want your legs, ok? ; )

  3. Really like these colours together.


  4. ik vind je wantjes echt superschattig :)

  5. I used to hate my legs you know! :D

  6. you're right, these colours really work together! and those mittens are the cutest!

  7. That mint jumper is so cute, looks great on you :) I had a great weekend, enjoying the snow in London, at the park around the corner where I'm staying at at the moment. Super cold, so after a quick strol back indoors. Kudos to you for doing outside outfit posts in this weather.

  8. I loved the clothes. beautiful
    kisses rose jp