Priority: Staying Warm

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re experiencing a cold wave (didn’t even know those existed) around these parts. It’s almost noon, the warmest part of the day, and my thermometer is showing -6° Celsius. Oy vey. I’ve also noticed that the cold makes me want to shop even more, as if my mind is subconsciously sending this message of buying layers upon layers of clothing to keep my poor body warm. My mind isn’t very practical, because I don’t see how 3 pairs of shoes will keep my feet extra warm. Stupid mind. I didn’t go to class yesterday because my boyfriend wanted to leave early with the snow and traffic and all, and I was sort of bummed. I really wanted to go to class to see my classmates and talk a bit. This weather is getting me all kinds of depressed and anti-social. But not being able to go also kept me away from shops, which is a good thing because of the aforementioned reason. Staying away from Antwerp would totally be a foolproof plan if I didn’t have Visa and internet. Lesigh.
Anyway, this outfit quite did the trick! Warm tights, long skirt, boots with thick socks, a tanktop, a longsleeve lace top (ok that one isn’t particularly warm but you gotta add some interest right), a faux fur lined cable knit cardigan and my faux leather jacket. I added the flower headwreath for funz. It makes this outfit appear all fashiony instead of just “zomg it’s so cooooold”. This skirt actually was a dress before I altered it. I’m wearing it upside down: the longer bit you see there hanging on your right side was the sleeve of a one sleeve bodycon bandage dress. I was planning on cutting the longer bit off, but when I put it on like this I sort of liked how the asymmetrical hemline optically lengthened my legs, which is always a plus when wearing longer hemlines. So I sewed up the armwhole et voila.
I sound a lot more creative than I actually am.

I’m sort of baffled about my post from yesterday. It got quite a lot of voted and comments and 9 faves, but it didn’t make it into the style gallery. Not that I’m pissed off or getting all “conspiracy theory” like some people, but that infamous algorithm sure works in strange ways. I appreciate your comments and votes more than a piece of computerized math, so I don’t care too much, just find it odd.

Stay warm!
 jacket, dress (turned into skirt), boots, cardi: pimkie (how about that sponsorship you guys?)
tights, top: H&m
headband: etsy (littlehoneypies)


  1. Great layering. I love the way you turned the dress into a skirt and not the normal way, but making it asymmetric using the arm hole. brilliant!

  2. That is some FAB jewelry!!!
    I love those longer skirts:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    I am now the NEWS EDITOR for Style Sample Magazine♥

  3. i see you on chictopia all the time! you have amazing style, love that snake ring its right up my street.

    yeh its the h&m poncho from this fall! i didnt realise they did it in grey? i only saw the black and the camel! xx

  4. Love that ring and your dress into skirt = Fabulous!

  5. I love the longer length on your skirt - I've been trying to find something in that length for fall/winter and haven't had much luck.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. This is such a cute outfit. I love all the layers. And the blue nail polish? Fabulous.
    H&M should really think about it...

  7. Your nail varnish is such a pretty colour =) And I love all your rings, my dear! And you pull off that length of skirt so well, it just doesn't suit me, nevermind!

  8. We have -10°C today. It's snowing all the time and the wind is f*** cold. This weather makes me also depressive because it's getting dark about 4 o'clock p.m. I think it's difficult to look fashionable when you're almost freezing to death...but I stay hard..wearing my whoolen tights all the time...haha.
    Love your boots, maxi skirt combination. I know what you mean...I always think I need more stuff for I try to keep cool and away from the shops.

  9. so freaking cold today here in Belgium...for me is not just the low temperatures, it's the slippery pavement with all the ice... cannot even imagine wearing high heels and I would love to, it would surely cheer me up!

    I'm layering just like you tomorrow...c-c-cooold

  10. I don't know how you can only be wearing a leather jacket, I'm all bundled up in coats and scarves and hats! I don't use chictopia, but I think it makes sense to listen to all of us instead ;)

  11. love the layers and the pop of red!

  12. Eek your hands look so cold in these photos! And I think your outfit looks "fashion" even without the headband! Most people just wear longjohns and pants and sweaters and a coat when it's cold, so you already have a leg up for sure.

    Annnnd I don't know what to tell you about chictopia! That's just weird. I've realized that getting in the style gallery is pretty much as simple as having that good outfit and photo and then commenting and voting on a bunch of other new photos. Who woulda thunk it, right? The way to win the popularity contest is... to be nice. Annnyway, I was looking at a few of the other girls who made it in last night and their outfits literally had four votes. I was so confused. How DO they figure this stuff out? Weirdness.

    And I hope that you feel better and that it gets warmer!

  13. So in love of that blue naisl with those rings!!!! wonderfoul!

    I follow you since now!!
    i let you me blog if you wanna take alook on it:)

  14. haha my hands were quite alright when I took these pictures, but I took some today and my hands literally almost froze off I think! so coooooold
    I need good gloves :(

  15. know what you mean! it's freezing here too..and there's not even snowing! great outfit, lov ethe boots and that ring!

  16. You look amazing! I love your skirt!


  17. I love the snake ring, boots, and love that nail color!

  18. I really love your ring! Had to come to see it in bigger pic!!!

  19. I really love your ring! Had to come to see it in bigger pic!!!

  20. I love the snake ring, boots, and love that nail color!