You know the rules - and so do I

For this particular outfit, I was inspired by the zara webshop pictures!

This look immediately stood out to me and I really wanted to make it my own straight away, so I grabbed my DIY kneesocks and my little lace dress (haven’t worn that beauty for far too long!), and my denim jacket. I have been struggling with the sleeves for some time now: I always want to fold them up as I do with ALL my long sleeve things (I prefer my wrists bare), but the cuffs along with the tight sleeves didn’t look right when rolled up, and didn’t sit all that comfortable either. So I DIY-d a bit again and just cut off the cuffs and rolled the sleeves up to keep the fabric from fraying. Easiest DIY ever? I really love how all of this looks together. I wouldn’t have thought of this myself even though the pieces look like they belong together. Outfits that fall in place so perfectly are my faves.
dress: Zara
socks: DIY
shoes: old, don't remember!
jacket: H&M
belt: vintage


  1. Pretty dress! I love that you wear it with knee high socks.. so cute..

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  2. great details on this dress!

  3. you look so gorgeous!! and that is such a great DIY idea, thanks for sharing!!

    lyndsey of

  4. Gorgeous outfit - I love it!!

    Sal xXx

  5. Hmm, I've been shopping a white skirt to wear beneath a knee length denim shirt dress. I think you've given me an idea!

  6. you are always so lovely and stylish!

  7. terri: I'm glad I helped you out, thanks everyone!

  8. Love this! Very inspired by this outfit!