Fairies Wear Boots

I loved wearing this outfit. This is probably as sexy as I get, with my tousled hair, high boots and short shorts. But all the layering on top keep it from being too sexy? This is also about as RnB as I get. I could easily see BeyoncĂ© wearing something like this, and I don’t think I’ve ever dressed RnB inspired. I prefer seeing this outfit as slightly seventies with a sexy contemporary vibe? I just love love love these boots to death. I’ve told you guys over and over before but they make my legs look divine, and I’m not that big a fan of my own legs. I like them but I don’t think they’re the prettiest legs out there. When I’m wearing these boots, I DO think they’re the prettiest legs out there, Gisele Bundchen ain't got nothing on me. That’s how much I love these boots.

The shorts are Garden Collection from H&M bought in the sales, and I am so stoked that I bought them because I imagine them working ever so perfectly in fall and winter with some tights and sweaters or chunky knits. The color is very much on trend too, with the kaki/neutral tone.
 shorts, jacket, collar: H&M
boots: sacha
top: vintage

Oh, and as you can see I sort of curled my hair again. I did waves instead of curls because I wanted to create an Alexa Chung type hairdo, but mine is more raggedy and less Alexa? I love it anyway. I have always had pin straight hair, so any type of texture is like heaven to me.

I’m going to spend my afternoon going through the shops and looking for a bag to carry to school, and maybe find that velvet maxi skirt I’ve been dreaming about. Bye bye!


  1. Yeah, I'm totally feeling those boots! They make your legs look longer.. Great outfit..

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  2. I found your blog via Chictopia. so glad!!

  3. I'm glad you found it!! :D

    nadia: thanks sweetie!

  4. You're right, this is very Beyonce. It suits you! :)

    I have desperately been looking for a big bag for uni I can actually afford without to much harm (to my account). But haven't found one yet.

    On a random side note, I went to Pimkie today because I thought I give it a tray again after it has been a while (and you having so many fab items from there). But I didn't find anything sadly. Well I didn't really need anything anyway. Haha.

  5. Too bad you didn't find anything to your liking! Maybe the collection at your store sucks? I think they have some adorable dresses and pretty knit cardigans right now!

  6. The store was rather small so maybe they didn't had that much. I almost got a dress, but it was way to big. I promise to give it a go again ;)

  7. yeay! and let me know what you got! :D

  8. That's it I HAVE to get thigh high boots! You are rockin this outfit! So CHIC