Outfit: flared denim, pussybow blouse

Outfit: flared denim, oversized coat, wide brim hat

Outfit: flared denim, oversized coat, wide brim hat
Outfit: flared denim, pussybow blouse, wide brim hat
pussybow blouse
Outfit: flared denim, oversized coat, wide brim hat
grey manicure
 hat: Miss Selfridge via Zalando - blouse: Mango - long coat: H&M - flared trousers: Zara - boots: Koah via Spartoo - handbag: & Other Stories - watch: c/o Cluse - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti

One of the only things on my sales wishlist this winter was a nice pair of flared black denim, and I'm happy to have found these at Zara for just €19,99. They're stretchy and sort of faded black, which I prefer: a solid, saturated black just shows off any cat hair or lint you get on your pants. I'm the kind of person who spends their entire day picking off fluffy bits of scarf or sweater that have gotten stuck to my clothes, so just to keep my obsessive tendencies in check, it's really much better to go with off-black. Please tell me you can relate because I feel like a weirdo.

My hair is really dark in these pictures, as I'd just dyed it black again. I've been using temporary dye now and then to keep my colour darker than it is naturally, and I'm really happy with my routine. Temporary dye is basically a conditioner that deposits pigment onto the hair shaft, and the one I'm using now (Adore's Black Velvet) has really great lasting power. I basically use a darker colour than the end result I'm aiming for, because the super intense black you see in this post only lasts for about two washes. After that I'm left with the off-black I love, which lasts at least a couple of weeks until I have to freshen up the colour again. 

Adore is a great brand to check out if you want semi permanent dye in more natural colours, because brands like Manic Panic usually only offer brights. I prefer semi permanents because they don't cause any of the damage you get from "real" hair dye, and because it's much safer to use at home. I have super fine hair, and I don't want to mess around with bleach or developers because I sure as hell wouldn't be able to do the job as well as a professional, hunched over in my bathroom, not able to see what I'm doing on the back of my head. If you're interested in a proper post on semi permanent black hairdye, let me know and I'll put it together! Hope your weekend was lovely :-)

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