Outfit: suede A-line skirt, parka and leopard slip ons

Outfit: suede A-line skirt, parka and leopard slip ons

Beauty: Naked original palette review

Hey guys! If you've been reading my blog or following my social media, you know that Urban Decay launched over here in Belgium, carried by the ICI Paris XL webshop as well as their store in the Brussel Nieuwstraat and coming to other stores as well in the next couple of months. I'm super excited about it, and I obviously attended the launch a few weeks ago. The beauty counters look gorgeous and I will shop myself poor if I don't watch it. And the fun didn't end there: I got to take home a gorgeous goodie bag containing some of Urban Decay's best selling items: Perversion mascara (great for intense, thick lashes), All-Nighter make up setting spray (you can't feel it on your face, and yet it keeps everything looking flawless), Primer potion (a true holy grail eyeshadow primer product that I've been using everyday) and, saving the best for last: the Naked original palette.

I basically started jumping up and down when I unpacked this baby, as I had been planning to buy it for myself for some time now. I absolutely adore my Naked 2 palette, which obviously boosted my interest in the other palettes. Naked 3 is gorgeous with its rosey shades, but Naked original is, well, the original. There's a reason why this became such a cult favourite. And now that I've tried both, I have to say: even though I have neutral to cool colouring in my skintone (and Naked 2 is generally thought of as the cool toned Naked palette), I think the Naked original palette is even better than Naked 2. This palette has literally everything you need to create incredibly flattering looks, whether you go subtle or a bit more smokey. Love love love!

Naked original palette review
Naked original palette review

Outfits: monochrome in Zinda stiletto booties

outfit: grey biker jacket, grey skinnies and pointy toe stiletto boots

Outfit: watercolour print skirt and vintage knee high boots

outfit: vintage knee boots, watercolour skirt, shawl cardigan

Outfit: off shoulder top in the sunset

Beauty: Urban Decay fall with Naked Smoky and matte 1993 lipstick

There's nothing I like to do more on a Sunday afternoon than put together a beauty blogpost. Honest to god. And that fun increases exponentially when the stuff I'm blogging about is fucking amazing. Excuse my language, but sometimes a lady gets excited, ya know? And yes, these products that Urban Decay is hyping for fall 2015 are definitely something to get much excite about. Read on for swatches and looks using UD Naked Smoky and Matte Revolution in 1993 (c/o).

Urban Decay Smoky palette and matte revolution 1993 lipstick review

Wishlist: A-Line button-through skirts

I talked to you about my obsession with a-line button through skirts extensively in my last post, and I promised to show you some of the prettiest (and affordable) options I found while trolling the intarwebz for my own skirt. I bought the first denim skirt you see in the collage below and I really love it, but you might prefer one of the others. Either way, this skirt really is a must have. Not just this fall, I reckon that most closets would work well with this silhouette. I see it with turtle necks, boxy knits, flowy 70s blouses, longline cardigans and allllll the boots, but it would nicely carry into spring and summer as well. And I love what the shape does for my figure. I've really been into waist defining outfits lately. FEMME-ING IT UP.

Without further ado, check out these babies!

wishlist: a-line button through skirts

Outfit: button through A-line skirt

Outfit: button through A-line skirt, vintage knee high boots

Outfit: Stripes, circle skirt and patent derbies

outfit: circle skirt, striped top and patent leather brogues

Beauty: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze review

Another effort to make good on my promise to review more affordable make up products: today's review of Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. After reading about the Burberry Eye Colour Creams over at Isabelle's blog, I developed a swift obsession with finding a cream eye product that would solve all my hurried morning worries in one dab-swipe of a finger. After googling some options, I ended up setting my mind on Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze (or On and On Bronze in Europe), which has also coincidentally become a favourite of Isabelle recently. Let me show you the ways I love this product, which has become a budget-cult-fav for good reason.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, review and swatches

On switching from JPEG to RAW, and crop sensor to full frame

The difference between JPEG and RAW photography

A few months ago, after shooting outfit pics with Maya a few times, I sort of impulsively decided that I wanted more out of my photography. I remember starting out snapping my outfits with some cheap little digital camera, not knowing my ISO from my shutter time, but it served its purpose. And then I bought my Canon 450D. Second hand, but I was ecstatic (and I made a lot of silly beginner's mistakes, like randomly blurring stuff out). When I also added my 50mm lens, I finally started really understanding photography: using the manual setting rather than shooting on automatic, I learned using my ISO, aperture and shutter speed to suit the lighting and my aesthetic preferences.

And then, I just settled in for a few years, not really stepping up my game until taking pictures with Maya's amazing camera (and Paulien's example of vastly improving photography) gave me the jolt of inspiration I needed. I started shooting my outfit pictures in RAW instead of in JPEG. A little while later I also made the switch from my crop sensor 450D to a full frame 5D, and this post will show what difference those two things have made to my pictures, in case you're contemplating a similar move.

First, let me show you the differences between shooting in JPEG vs RAW!

Travel: Monaco

I still have content from our French holiday sitting in my laptop folders, and I really should make an effort to get it online before it becomes totally irrelevant! So here I am, telling you about our day in Monaco. If someone were to ask me what my favourite thing about our holiday was, I'd tell them that Monaco takes the cake. Something about the drive there, winding through mountains with occasional glimpses of the bright blue mediterranean sea sparkling in the distance, and then arriving in this tiny little city-state teeming with history, glamour and architectural beauty... I fell in love almost instantly.

Monaco is small, and while the life of its ritzy inhabitants is financially pretty much totally out of reach for the likes of you and me, the compactness of the city still makes it seem like something you're part of it the moment you step out on the streets and the beautiful views reveal themselves. Monaco has an inviting feel to it, is what I'm trying to say.

We went there on a gorgeously sunny day, and focused our visit on exploring the old town around the Prince's palace.

Travel report: Monaco

Outfit: pink trench and printed trousers

outfit: pink trenchcoat and printed trousers

Beauty: & Other Stories lipgloss in Pavillon Coral, eye colour palette in Chatelaine Khaki review

Making good on my promise to review some more affordable make up products, here I am with two & Other Stories treats. A lip gloss, and an eyeshadow palette. I was especially excited to review the eyeshadow, as I have only really reviewed one other eye colour by & Other Stories, and the experience was a bit underwhelming. I really wanted & Other Stories to redeem itself, because they usually nail anything beauty related. Read on to see if they did!

Outfit: transitional dressing in Only jacket

Outfit: transitional dressing in grey biker jacket, black skater skirt

Beauty: Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 collection review

I feel a bit awkward about reviewing another Dior collection, because I really don't think that high end make up is the be-all and end-all of beauty and I've been reviewing so many expensive collections lately. There's a lot of great stuff to be found in drugstores as well, but I promise I have some more affordable reviews coming up! But first, the Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 collection. Which is tooootally worth a review, and really convinced me.

I received a beautiful selection of products, which I have broken down in groupings of face, lip and eye make up. Let's start!


Dior Skin Nude Cosmopolite Illuminating Face Powder review and swatches

Outfit: Tuxe bodywear as pragmatical feminism

professional outfit: Tuxe bodywear CEO body

Outfit: back to school, preppy in stripes

outfit: back to school, preppy stripes, blazer and skater skirt