Outfit: dusty rose Zohra x Pimkie trenchcoat

dusty rose trenchcoat from the Zohra x Pimkie collection

outfit: business casual in wrap dress and dusty rose trench coat
white handbag, Sam Edelman Felicia ballet flats, dusty rose Pimkie trenchcoat
Dusty rose trenchcoat from the Zohra x Pimkie collection
dusty rose trenchcoat, diamanti per tutti rings, white handbag
outfit: business casual in wrap dress and dusty rose trench coat
cat eye sunglasses, pink trenchcoat, wrap dress
dusty rose duster coat via the Zohra x Pimkie collection
Lucille dress: King Louie via Zalando - coat: Pimkie - Felicia ballet flats: c/o Sam Edelman - cat eye sunglasses: ASOS - necklace: c/o Selected - watch: c/o Daniel Wellington - rings: Diamanti Per Tutti - handbag: Emmy Wieleman via Colette
pictures by Charlotte

Longtime friends and followers might know that Pimkie and I have history, as I worked as a Pimkie shopgirl to get myself through university. I have grown so much since, and so has the brand. I fell in love with this pink terracotta/dusty rose trenchcoat slash duster coat the second I saw it on instagram. It finally arrived in Belgian stores late last week, so I got my perfect coat over lunch break. It's even better in person. This is not the same cheap party girl store as the one I bought latex trousers and metallic polyester tops at when I was 15! Because of our shared history, I will never stop following and rooting for Pimkie, and it feels so good to see they won't let themselves be pigeonholed or limited by prejudice.

This dress was a gift from me to myself for being accepted for the Puerto Rico conference I will be attending in a few weeks. Weather will be sweltering hot, so I felt like my wardrobe needed a comfortable, airy dress that still looks professional and has some character. Most of my summer dresses are just a bit too bare for more professional settings, but this wrap dress is perfect. Abstract prints are the best for work settings, as florals can lean too twee or too romantic. An abstract print is less typically feminine and feels 'stronger' to me. I would advise you to size up, though, the small was way too narrow for me in the shoulders.

Finally, a word or two about these ballet flats. If you have been following my blog throughout the years, you might have noticed that I hardly ever wear ballet flats. This is not because I don't like them - in fact, I very much enjoy their classically elegant appeal. They perfectly suit my preference for the sort of Nouvelle Vague 60s casual femininity of full skirted sundresses paired with low maintenance hair and flats. However, I have problem feet - flat, with narrow heels. Pumps and ballet flats kill my feet because they offer no arch support and slip off my heels when I walk, so I just accepted that these styles of footwear would never work for me. Until I tried on these Sam Edelman Felicia flats.

Sam Edelman Felicia ballet flats

 Buttery soft leather that doesn't even need to be broken in (unheard of for me!), amazing padded insoles to reduce my plantar fasciitis, and a perfect fit that keeps these shoes on my feet without slipping off or rubbing my skin. All the thumbs up, I've found my holy grail of ballet flats and I won't stop recommending them to anyone with similar issues to mine. Don't just take my word for it - apparently they consistently get amazing reviews. Be sure to google to compare retailers with competitive prices, because I've seen these on various websites at very different price points.

Lots of gushing today, but I stand by all of it. Hope you like the outfit!


  1. mooie, vrouwelijke look! die trench is idd echt super.

  2. Oh, you look so classy :) love it!

  3. This is such a perfect spring look! Effortlessly cute, feminine and chic! Love the subtle dusty pink on you! <3

  4. Heel mooi kleur, die trench! Zag 'm net bij Pimkie hangen, maar er zaten overal draadjes los, de stof leek verfrommeld en de stof is zo dun dat het klikknopje (jeweetwel) zichtbaar is. Op jouw foto's staat ie wel mooi!

  5. Hey Lien! Ja, ik snap het probleem. De stof is niet kreukvrij en als hij net ik de winkel is gehangen is hij dus nog verfrommeld van het leverproces. Draadjes los vind ik zelf geen probleem, die kan je afknippen of wegvegen - meestal is dat gewoon een overschot van het afstikken van de zomen, niet iets dat kapot is of rafelt. Dat de stof dun is vind ik zelf een voordeel, het is eerder een duster coat dan een klassieke trenchcoat: heel lichte, vloeiende stof, mooi voor zomerdagen maar niet echt een jas-jas. Je moet een beetje weten waar je je aan kan verwachten, maar dat was precies waar ik naar op zoek was dus ik ben blij :-) Qua materiaal en details vind ik hem nl wel goed gemaakt.

  6. Amai ja, wat een mooie jas!
    Naomi, x