Inspiration: 8 great work wear style blogs

Whenever I blog about professional dressing and office wear, I generally get questions from young women who have been trying to transition their style from the carefree collegiate vibe, to a more grown up work appropriate look. I feel like many of my contemporary fellow bloggers either end up in very creative fields, or just don't mind keeping that quintessential blogger trendy style when they transition into professional life. Which is totally OK, but it does mean that it can be hard to find points of reference of what regular (style conscious) people wear to work on a daily basis.

 I currently work as a PhD researcher, and my office is very laid back, so I can get away with basically anything. However, I'm almost 28, and I very much enjoy showing my maturity and professionalism in my style from time to time. Especially when I have an important presentation coming up. My own version of professional style generally ends up somewhere in the more comfortable/casual regions anyway, but I like seeing what other people come up with. 

I figured some of you were probably in the same boat, so I gathered a list of style bloggers who showcase a very relatable office appropriate fashion sense. Some of these are more fashiony, others are more conservative, but I don't know what your workplace is like so pick and choose! I tried to focus on "real people" blogs, blogs that feature looks that are not professionally styled and photographed, with bloggers who actually remix pieces over and over again in different outfits.

In no particular order:

professional style inspiration: blue collar red lipstick

Adina is a total babe who gives me major Christina Hendricks/Joan Holloway vibes. She is also a mother of two, and (correct me if I'm wrong) she works in law. Her blog mixes casual outfits with retro inspired workwear. I love how she just takes clear, simple pictures of her outfit rather than try to make her blog look like a fashion magazine, and her write-ups are always top notch.

professional style inspiration: academichic

Academichic is no longer being updated, but the blog is worth checking out anyway. This used to be the shared-style-thoughts-and-pictures-dumping-space of a group of women working in academia. You can check the archives for some easy, regular working people outfits, stories about life in academia and some very interesting debates on style, pop culture and social activism.

professional style inspiration: what would a nerd wear

Another now defunct blog, but Tania was such a fun, adorable styleblogger I'm sure you will enjoy reading her archives anyway. Tania started her blog when she embarked on her PhD journey, as a challenge to herself to remix her wardrobe and be more creative with style on a limited budget and with a limited wardrobe. Her style is very Zooey Deschanel-esque: modest and feminine with some soft retro touches. Great for teachers!

professional style inspiration: nine-thirty to five

Karen and Paloma both work in law and very frequently post what they wore that day. They blog both casual and more professional looks, and their style is approachable yet very together. Again, I love how they wear pieces over and over, which really makes a great case for the comfort and durability of those items.

professional style inspiration: extra petite

Jean is probably the most famous blogger in this list, and I think she is a professional blogger as in, she does not hold a job outside of her blogging career. However, her style is still very office friendly most of the time, while also being very colourful and on-trend. I love how Jean talks expertly about style and fit (her being of petite stature), and how she rewears garments despite being gifted plenty of items.

Corporette does not offer outfits, but it does have stuff like news on sales, round ups of work-appropriate items, reader questions, an active and engaged community etc etc. Definitely worth adding to your bookmarks!

7. Memorandum (formerly known as The Classy Cubicle)

professional style inspiration: memorandum

Mary caught my eye last year when she was still The Classy Cubicle, working in finance, but she has since hit the bigtime and blogs fulltime. She still offers plenty of classy workwear though, on the conservative, expensive side, but still very inspiring if you love preppy style!

professional style inspiration: sarah's real life

Sarah works in law (I'm sensing a trend here - are lawyers just more stylish?), and she has a very lively sense of style. She definitely rocks trends and mixes prints with gusto, which just shows it's not necessary to let go of your individuality when entering a conservative workplace. Her write-ups are also really nice!

Phew, quite a list huh? I think these bloggers show that it is possible to still have plenty of individuality in your office wear, and that dressing as a working adult has many definitions. Which of these is your favourite? Do you have any other sources of professional style inspiration?

For more ideas, you can always check out my professional style pinterest board.


  1. Definitely checking out "Extra Petite"! I'm not that tall myself (Hello, 1m55 mini-me!) so I'm hoping to get loads of inspiration on style and fit! :-) I'm currently working on Wardrobe Essentials on my blog, and shooting outfit photos where I don't look so tiny is sometimes a pain ;-) Thanks for the post!

  2. happy to hear you like it! extra petite is amazing when it comes to petite fashion so I'm sure you'll find some great tips :-)

  3. Super toffe post AB! Ik vind de posts van de "grote" modebloggers vaak wel mooi en inspirerend, maar deze blogs leunen zo veel beter aan bij wat de meeste mensen ├ęcht dragen (of willen/kunnen dragen) op hun werk.

  4. Thanks for putting together this list! I love seeing more office-y looks that are still stylish. I'm kind of like you where I can get away with wearing pretty casual things at the work. I don't always want to dress traditional pencil skirt/blouse at work but sometimes I want to look more "professional" so these are great blogs for inspiration.

    Jamie |

  5. Great post!!! I really enjoyed it!

  6. YAAAS, check out Blue Collar Red Lipstick! Gosh darn she's beautiful. This is so useful for me because I'm about to start teaching (gulp) and I have no clue what to wear. Great post!

    Kirsten |