Beauty: Darphin Intral redness relief recovery cream review for rosacea skin

Guys, you know the main problem with my skin is my uneven complexion, riddled with redness. I was bowled over after seeing the effects that one month of Darphin redness relief skincare had on my complexion, but if possible, I'm even more blown away by this Intral redness relief recovery cream that I received in my mailbox last week. I mean, it's one (amazing) thing to notice a drastic change after a month of using a product, but it's another thing to find a moisturizer that subtly cancels out the red in my facial skin straight away. Read on for some photographic evidence of this awesomeness!

Darphin intral redness relief recovery cream review on rosacea skin

I actually heard about this product a few weeks ago when googling other people's reviews of the Darphin Intral line. One girl (can't remember where I found her review, sorry!) was positively raving about this redness relief recovery cream because it minimized the redness in her skin straight away thanks to its green tinge. I emailed the Darphin people myself to see if they were interested in sending some particular products over that had sparked my interest for another review, and I was elated when I received my package in the mail. The redness relief recovery cream is just a bit lighter than the redness relief recovery balm I reviewed earlier, which makes it more suited for normal to oily skin. And as I mentioned earlier, it's also different from the balm in that it contains the tiniest bit of green, which is supposed to cancel out the redness in your skin straight away. The smell is the same as with the other Intral products: a sweet, grounded floral which relaxes my mind as much as it soothes my skin. I'm lucky that fragrance doesn't irritate my skin, because I generally prefer perfumed products over those that don't contain any scent.

Less talk, more proof of productivity!

Darphin intral redness relief recovery cream review on rosacea skin
Darphin intral redness relief recovery cream review on rosacea skin
Darphin intral redness relief recovery cream review on rosacea skin

Do I really even have to explain it anymore? The redness in my skin is immediately subdued, without the cream leaving my face with a grey cast, which does tend to happen when using a green primer. I can actually see myself using this moisturizer in the morning, doing my eyebrows, swiping on some mascara and a lipstick and simply leaving the house without any foundation or concealer and still feel confident throughout the day. For me, that's pretty epic. This product is epic. Let's leave it at that.

A tube of 50ml sets you back 60€. Not one of the cheapest products out there, but it really is amazing, and I can use a 30ml tube twice a day for a month and a half before I run out, so if you only use this product in the morning, a 50ml tube should last you ages. If you have any type of rosacea, this Intral line is where it's at. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep buying this product with my own money.

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  1. Het resultaat is echt wel heel duidelijk aanwezig, ga ik zeker aanraden aan mensen die dit kunnen gebruiken!