Red, Pink, Silver

skirt, sweater, tights: H&M - boots: Sacha

Outfit! The same thing I was wearing in yesterday's post obviously, but I think a blog is cleaner and easier to read if every post is a self-contained whole instead of hairtips+outfit+day description, for example. So I split the two up, BAM.

The red, pink, navy and silver isn't a colorcombo you'd expect, but I think it totally works. I like unexpected! And this outfit is totally something UBERfox Robyn would wear, so all is good.

That's basically all I have to say for today! Except for the fact that I can't wait until I'm through my before-hairdye-pictures so I can start sharing my purdy new hair with you guys. You know, before all of the color has washed out again. Because, continuity!



  1. I crave this skirt!

  2. I'm so late to comment on this post, but I am in love with the combination of silver and pink here. It reminds me of some kind of Judy Jetson ensemble! Your skirt is the coolest.