Neon Beanie, Shaggy Faux Fur

Now, this feels a bit ridiculous, but I actually haven't had the chance to share a few outfits with you featuring my burgundy hair. Which has since basically washed out and been replaced with a seriously shorter haircut. I'm totally lagging behind, but just pretend I have magically evolving hair. Like a pokemon, but on my head. I don't even really know why I care about hair-continuity on this blog, but I do! Anyway, here are some pictures. Snapped by Ms. Paulien/polienne, who incidentally also inspired my shorter haircut. But she went out to buy my new beanie when she spotted me wearing it, so we're equally stalker-y. I guess we just have quite similar tastes. See her wearing MY BEANIE (lol) here!

coat: Ebay - tights: Pimkie - dress, beanie: H&M - boots: Sacha - longsleeve: Forever21

I absolutely love this dress. I bought it in the last weeks of the sales for about 14€, which wasn't significantly marked down from the original 19,95€, but the moment I put it on I knew it was worth its price. The cut hung down from my body in that sort of effortless-chic way you associate with expensive clothes, the dark, almost brooding floral print felt sophisticated and the shoulder cut outs seemed edgy to me while still being totally work appropriate in combination with the rest of the garment. Instant love. I can't wait to wear it in the summer with just some sandals, but layered over a longsleeve and some thick tights, finished off with a faux fur coat and a beanie it works just as well in a colder climate. A WIN ON ALL ACCOUNTS.

I don't even need to make a case for this beanie, do I? Like I said, Paulien bought it after seeing it, and I had to get one for my sis as well. 4,95€, perfect neon color, perfect slouchy fit. LURV.

And my haircolor? I already miss it. I'm probably re-dyeing it one of these days. Such a warm, velvety shade. Just what I need now that the weather forecast is predicting freezing temperatures and snow again /ugh. 



  1. Loooove the outfit! Ik ken de print van dat kleedje, maar heb het nog nooit in dat model gezien. What a shame actually want ik vind het echt zalig met die cut-outs! En die neon beanie wil ik ook, maar heb hem ook nog nergens gezien :D.
    And I totally dig the colour of your hair btw <3

  2. Die haarkleur is inderdaad geweldig en de muts ook! Ik heb vorige week nog een rieten hoedje met fluoroze accenten gekocht, klaar voor het lenteweer en dan BAM, ruined! Anyway, lovely outfit yet again. xo

  3. Ik wil die beanie ook :p En uw haar nu is zeker een improvement, direct een verandering van look.
    Someday I'll do it too!

  4. Mooie jas en een neon beanie is altijd een goed idee!

  5. The burgundy hair is SO pretty on you. And I love the pattern on your dress.

  6. I adore this look. I love how the white coat provides a stark contrast to the rest of the colors that you’re sporting --- from the beanie to the dress and even your hair. You look beautiful! -Joel