Leather Duffel Bag

t-shirt: Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball - denim: c/o Levi's - boots: Ebay - cardigan: Zara - beanie: H&M - duffel bag: c/o GM Z

Excuse me looking like a surly teenager today. There's something about beanies, platforms and band shirts that make my face go :-| like I'm one eyeroll away from yelling UGH DAD YOU'RE SO EMBARRASSING. But, you know, slightly cooler than that. I wore this on a lazy Sunday filled with boyfriend snuggles on the couch, watching Animal Geographic and eating leftovers: BLISS.

The shining star of this look? My GORGEOUS leather duffel bag, a present from Titi, one of the lovely ladies behind Amsterdam based leather bag shop GM Z. The leather is buttery soft, the hardware is shiny and the strap is adjustable: a perfect bag, can't believe how lucky I am! I love how the sleek shape and high quality material are very sophisticated and grown up, while the duffel bag style gives off a sporty casual vibe. Might just be the perfect purse to go with my everyday style.

If this one doesn't float your boat, I'm pretty sure you'll find your pick at GM Z. Laptop bags, wallets, tote bags or backpacks: Titi and Germaine offer a wide selection of styles and colors with a lot of good photo material which makes it less of a leap of faith to order a purse online. My favorite thing about GM Z?  Their gallery with real people wearing all of the GM Z purses with their outfits! Très inspirational.

And I'm not saying all of this because they gave me a free purse. I am responsible for a webstore at one of my two jobs and I can absolutely vouch for the fact that it is HARD to design a great webshop and get good photo material etcetera, so my words of praise are 100% earnest.

I'm leaving you with a pic of my awesome hair. Just because I keep wearing beanies and I want to be able to scroll back in my blog and check out my hair, yo!



  1. Whoa, je haar is inderdaad AWESOME!

  2. I'm digging this like a paleontologist.

    Jordan Dibb

  3. Hahaha :) you do remind me of an angry teenager, which is kind of funny :)

  4. Can't even start telling how much I love this outfit! It should have got 10 x more comments!
    It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who still likes a teenage look once in a while.
    And again, need this shirt <3 Need new Gaga stuff as well!


  5. twas nen hit op lookbook, das al iets! :D

  6. Could you please tell us where you got your sweater and also what kind of lipstick that is? Thanks!!

  7. the sweater was from Zara, and the lipstick was Bourjois Paris Color Sensational in Fuchsia Flash! :)