If you follow my facebook, you might have noticed me asking you all what you thought was in the box. Well, today I will relieve you from your ANXIOUSNESS. I will tell you what was in the box.

My gorgeous new necklace from Diamanti Per Tutti.

I never thought that diamonds would be my style since I usually associate them with bling or the sort of classic elegance I find incredibly boring, but I haven't taken this necklace off since it arrived in the mail (except for showering).

The peace symbol is an icon I feel strongly about (duh). I also really love the simple aesthetics of the shape, and how this refined necklace is both elegant and youthful. Fits right in with my recent love for all things '90s. Like a more modern interpretation of the ubiquitous choker of those days!

Sadly, my necklace is so popular it has sold out since last week, but one of the bracelets is still available! Another favorite of mine is this Evil Eye bracelet. Diamanti Per Tutti seems like the perfect place to find a meaningful gift for a loved one's birthday, graduation or engagement. I'll wear this necklace as a celebration of my blog, and the wonderful things I have accomplished through it.

And the sparkle is very subtle in real life, just the way I like it. Absolutely a piece I'll wear for many years to come, thank you so much Diamanti Per Tutti!


  1. Wow! Diamonds are girls best friends after all!

  2. you have the same one as me, only i have the bracelet version!

  3. die wou ik ook! heb lang getwijfeld maar uiteindelijk toch ketting gekozen, armbanden storen me snel. Maar die is ook heeeeeel mooi!

  4. Mooi :) ik ben ook helemaal verliefd op mijn armbandje!

  5. I never own any piece of jewelry except for those fashion rings and all other forms of accessories. This one's really cute.