Tidbits on Saturday

Hi babes! Dropping by to share a few details on the last seven days of my life with you. Because blogging is all about oversharing and exhibitionism, I am OBLIGATED to compensate the lack of substance in my writing by baring it all for my readers. No sharing -> no popularity. Which only seems logical: taking bigger chances than others is rewarded. Pushing harder than others is rewarded. Putting yourself out there more than others is rewarded.

I get all that, but it can still feel dirty from time to time to put an effort into all of this in return for readership. Like when commenters or people who email you seem to think you owe them something, or act as if they know everything about you. I know I always say I blog because I enjoy it, or for myself, but let's be honest: that's not my ENTIRE motivation. We all blog to be read, otherwise we would just keep our thoughts in our own minds. And the more you share, the more people want to know. The more people feel they are entitled to know.

THAT's what social media are about.

I digress, where were we? RIGHT, oversharing!

I received a package of Nail Candy by Elegant Touch earlier this week! I have been wanting to try nail stickers for a while, but I'm most excited about the glue tabs. They are supposed to be super easy to use and not damage your nail at all, unlike normal nail glue. I'll let you know what my experiences are!

The boy and me went out for sushi. Sadly (or luckily), I had just thrown back a glass of champagne before we walked in to order (don't judge me, I came from a press event down the street!) and I was all happy and giddy and ordered a shitload of sushi. The waiter even asked us how many people we were sharing our food with. Uhm, no one. MOAR = MOAR. This is part of the leftovers: sushi for lunch!

My mom, sis and me went thrifting for HOURS. I played personal shopper and made my sis walk out with bags and bags of awesome stuff. I can't wait for her to take pictures of everything! Among the loot: a leopard hooded vest, a 50s wool coat, a Chanel style pink skirt suit, a denim maxi skirt and MUCH MORE. I didn't buy as much but I did walk away with some denim to DIY and an awesome oversized black faux fur coat. I ALMOST look forward to winter so I can wear it. Almost.

I dyed my ends red again! I've since purchased a pack of bleach, going to freshen up my ombre. I'm crossing my fingers I'll find a job that allows me to dye my hair purple. I SO want to go purple. Like the awesome Susana from Beneath the Glass!

PS: I have the cutest boyfriend in the world. The end.


  1. PHOTOBOMB :-D Awww Filipjuh is een poepie! Die foto van je haar is vet en de sushi ziet er vet lekker uit :-( Ik kan ook BIJNA niet wachten tot het kouder is en ik me als een gek kan kleden met de leopardprint hoodie. De jassen, OH LORD de jassen. Ik vergeet elke keer hoeveel ik eigenlijk heb gekocht. :-D

  2. Ouch, I asked questions because I failed to realise this was Notting Hill. You know, where followers "say it best when they say nothing at all". Bye Annebeth and good luck.

  3. The_Canon_Girl, ik heb je misschien per ongeluk een down vote gegeven. Tevoren stond hier toch "+1" of "-1" of iets dergelijks, dacht ik? Nu een "cijfer/" en "*"...en om te weten wat dat sterretje betekende, heb ik er op geklikt. Ik heb het proberen te annuleren, maar toch mijn excuses.