Colorful Casual

top: Gaga Monster Ball - shorts, sneakers, jacket: H&M - scarf: c/o Vero Moda - fake tattoo: c/o tattooforaweek

Yo dudes. I wore this outfit on one of those perfect hot summer nights that graced our regions under a month ago. My boyfriend and me walked down to the local soccer field to attend a game while eating hotdogs (plus copious amounts of curry ketchup). The type of decent, family values fun you associate with Hollywood movies and golden sunsets.

I threw on some easy layers to keep warm as the temperatures dropped and the moon rose, and this is the (messy but fun) result. It had already started getting dark when we took these pictures. The mood was tired but happy and ever so slightly sweaty.

I want to remember those careless summer nights forever. They seem to get fewer as I gain years.

PS: coolest fake tattoo ever? Do note how the placement + a birthmark of mine makes it look like this pony has bountiful pubic hair.


  1. (in English because of your foreign followers - sorry people for not realising this sooner!)
    I'm eyeing that scarf as a nice accessory to go with fall clothing. It's brownish but with the orange still bright enough to make a subtle transition to my darker coloured fall or winter clothes.

  2. Hoe blijven jouw schoenen zo proper! :o

  3. euh dat is een illusie denk ik, dichtbij en in het echt zijn ze best vies :D

  4. The unicorn tattoo is so cute. Was chasing sunsets earlier today. It's really beautiful.