Kirilove SS12 and Inspired by Lana

Boys and girls, last night I was invited to check out Tiany's newest sartorial baby: Kirilove part two! Miss Kiriloff brings us three lovely ranges: True Blue (focused around a strong shade of royal blue and primaries), Pretty in Pastel (slightly seventies in soft shades) and Prints Rock the World (featuring a beautiful, strong leaf print in re-imagined retro silhouettes - my fave!). I'm going to try and get my hands on the gorgeous leaf printed dress, go and find your faves and more info over at Belmodo HQ!

My outfit for the night was Lana Del Rey inspired. Yes, I'm totally into her right now. Here is my moodboard. Keywords: mary jane-esque shoes, long and pointy nails, retro make up, crisp white shirts, floral skirts and flower headwreaths. My inspiration for spring and summer, in other words!

My version isn't nearly as perfect (especially my hair, I wish I had her waves when I rolled out of bed in the morning!), but it still carried her aesthetic. So, see me partying and goofing it up in Lana gear! Btw don't worry, I'm going to write something more deep about miss Del Rey this weekend, this is just a taste.

Lana face, make up, and nails! But my ASOS tights were the star of the evening.

Me and Sabina

Amazing food was amazing. That pecan pie, mmmmmm. Also, gorgeous Paulien and Krizia!

Elien, me and Miss Kiriloff herself! <3 Thanks so much for having us, awesome lady!

Cutie Kim and me boozing it up

Blogger grouppic! We all so styliiiiin'. THIS IS THE FACE OF TRUE HAPPINESS PEOPLE. Also, I love how the flash makes my skin look so flawless and porcelain <3

When the party was over, we just kept going: after quickly shoving in some half time sushi at Paulien's place, we took our fab behinds over to Kipling's 25th birthday bash.

Gilles, my awesome leopard coat and me. My coat is totally Lana as well if you ask me. WE BE FASHION TWINSIES

Lemme tell you, these banana daiquiris where the proverbial SHIT. Seriously, SO good. You had to get past the occasional brainfreeze, but is was SO worth it. I could drink this every night, except for the fact that I would lose all my braincells and/or develop an alcohol problem.

My geriatric dance moves and some gangsta posing

MOAR COCKTAILS and then this happened omg

disclaimer: also Lana inspired

And after that my mind draws a blank so that's it.

Ok no I did not slip into an alcohol induced coma and that shit isn't even cool, I just got home and went to bed with my mister lova lova. Good night!

PS: how do you like my Lana impression?


  1. Leuke outfit girl. Die panty's zijn echt mooi!
    Ik vind dat je er echt super uitziet!

    Kisses Ellen

  2. Haha die laatste foto is keigrappig! YOU DRUNK!

  3. Haha it looks like you had a pretty awesome night! I am loving your outfit! :D

  4. You really nailed it with your outfit, really love the details and your make-up :). Looks like you were having a blast!

  5. love the tights

  6. I love the floral skirt and the suspender tights! They look really cute on you! I like how they look, but I've never worn them myself because I'm afraid they would look too risque anywhere other than the bedroom lol

    I like how you styled them though! And glad to see you enjoyed your night out :D

  7. looks like a super fun night, I looove your stockings and the Lana photos!

  8. vooral cool dat je tot de nagels in detail gaat ;) fijne foto's ook!

  9. Lana del rey rocks!! Love her style and style of course, but I am in love with your thights!!!!!!

    PS. if you wanna take a look :)

  10. You so Lana darling!!! Jaja het haar en DE lippen, je hebt het volledig! :) Super wijze foto's en het was ook ozo awesomecakes met u, you crazy girl! Ik ben nog altijd onder de indruk van uw sexy tights ;) xo Hanne

  11. Girl, you're the best. I love your outfit and you guys are all having so much fun!!!

  12. Haha, ook al ben ik niet zo'n fan van haar zingen (maar: over smaak valt niet te twisten, zoals je in een post hierboven al zei) ik kan haar kledingkeuze en stijl wel smaken! En zeker jouw adaptatie ervan. Die foto van jou en Kim is ook heel leuk, zo'n mooie ogen dat je eigenlijk hebt! Veeerrry big

  13. "eigenlijk"??? VOORHEEN VOND JE ZE LELIJK OFWAT :D hahaha nee thanks :D

  14. This looks like the most fun night ever! And, I'm so in love with that skirt I'm distracted!